November 15, 2016 In photography, weddings

Abbotsford Airplane Hangar Wedding

Rachael and Dallas: November 12, 2016


Rachael and Dallas got married this past Saturday in Rachael’s parents’ private hangar at the Abbotsford International Airport. It was my second wedding in an airplane hangar (this one was my first) and I love how the light bounces perfectly around the light, bright white space. 

Rachael got ready with her girls in the morning at her Mom and Step-Dad’s beautiful home in Surrey and I loved seeing all of her details and planning come to life. Rachael and Dallas had a short engagement (just around four months, like me and my husband actually!) and I always think it’s amazing just how much planning you can accomplish in a small amount of time. Even seeing the bridesmaid dresses and bouquets in the home was stunning… when they were actually on the girls, the final look was phenomenal.

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November 14, 2016 In engagements, photography

Granville Island Engagement Photos

Kelsey and Nick are getting married!


While attending UBC, Kelsey coached hockey power-skating and learn-to-skate lessons. At the end of every school year, in the summer they would host a two week hockey camp and bring in coaches from other schools to help. One of those coaches was Nick. Kelsey and Nick were introduced to each other and got along, but never thought anything more of the meeting.

Every once and a while over the next couple of years, Kelsey and Nick would run into each other through a group of mutual friends. They had each one another added as friends on Facebook and one day, the pair started catching up via private message. Around this same time, Kelsey was working at a bank and was transferred to UBC for the week, to help new students during orientation with their accounts. Kelsey was working at her desk one day when she heard a knock on the six-inch window in her office.

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November 9, 2016 In photography, portraits

Vancouver Maternity Photographer


I met Christie for the first time when we were both attending university in 2008 and we’ve been friends ever since! She was a bridesmaid in our wedding a few years ago and the year before that, I photographed her wedding to Dan. Earlier this year, they made the move from Langley to Kelowna. We happened to be in Kelowna for a weekend in June with friends and it was nice to see Christie & Dan again. The two couples we went with, both of the wives were pregnant, then there was Randy and I and Christie and Dan. Christie asked me, ‘Does being around so many of your pregnant friends make you want to be pregnant?’ I said ‘Nope! Not right now! Haha!’ I knew Christie and Dan were looking to start a family soon-ish… and when Christie texted me a couple months later to say, ‘We’re pregnant!’ turns out she already knew she was when she asked me that question. There were four couples there for dinner and three of them were pregnant, not just the two. ;) 

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November 2, 2016 In engagements, photography

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos

Aliisa and Dillon are getting married!


Aliisa and Dillon first connected online just less than two years ago. The two of them exchanged messages back and forth for almost a month’s time before deciding, Let’s meet up! They met at a restaurant in Yaletown for drinks and both of them remember the first date being quite awkward, but in a good way. Dillon said while we were at their engagement session on Monday afternoon, We had so many things in common it was almost strange. They barely touched their drinks that day, talking for three hours on the first date. Aliisa remembers the relationship starting slow (Dillon didn’t try to kiss her until the 4th date) but after a couple of months, they both fell quickly, moving in together a few months after that.

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