August 28, 2015 In photography, weddings

Cecil Green Park House Wedding

Hayley and Vince attended the same high school and were familiar with one another… but didn’t become friends until Grade 11. Even then, it was casual friends and although Vince always thought Hayley was funny and smart, it was the end of Grade 12 that Vince realized he couldn’t stop looking at Hayley. He’d spend whole classes trying to catch her attention until she became his girlfriend. ;) 

They’ve been together for over 8 years now and on Saturday, August 22nd became husband and wife in a beautiful (hot, bright, sunshiny) ceremony at UBC Cecil Green Park House.  I love Hayley’s soft and romantic details, her beige flats (with the bow detail that matched her bow earrings!), peony bouquet and rings. Hayley got into her wedding dress with the help of her sister and maid of honour Justine and mom – before walking down the long set of steps to her awaiting groom.

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August 26, 2015 In business

Working With a Second Shooter

I work with a second photographer aka “second shooter” at almost every wedding I photograph. I love having a “coworker” along on the day to help me with whatever I need, capture a helpful second angle and keep the timeline running smoothly. Weddings are better, together. ;) 

Today on my YouTube channel, we’re talking about “Working With a Second Shooter.”

Facebook Groups to Meet Other Photographers

Shoot and Share Group
Rising Tide Society
Pursuit Community


3 Second Shooter Requirements

Personality: It’s really important that you get along with your second shooter. Before you work with a new photographer and add them to your second shooter “roster” meet for coffee! And don’t ask only photography-related questions, get to know them as a person to see how well the two of you could work together. 

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August 24, 2015 In photography, weddings

Minoru Park Wedding

Carla and Josh met on their wedding date, exactly five years ago, at a ministry seminar. They were simply acquaintances, nothing more, until two years later when Carla was visiting Detroit (where Josh lived) and the two friends were able to catch up. After attending the same seminar that summer, it didn’t take long for Josh to fall in love with Carla. However, at the time Josh was discerning a call to priesthood in the church and didn’t want to rush a relationship if his life would be going a different direction. One year later, Josh decided he couldn’t live without her and very shortly after they started dating – they were engaged! 

Carla and Josh’s faith is very integral to who they are as individuals and now, as a married couple. To honour their commitment to one another and their faith, they had a beautiful ceremony full of tradition and meaning. I loved the pure joy on Carla and Josh’s faces throughout the day – these photos truly communicate just how happy they were. :)

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August 21, 2015 In photography, weddings

Westwood Plateau Wedding

Carol and Chris met online a few years ago and upon their first date, both knew they had something special. Carol and Chris share a quiet comfort between the two of them – they are peaceful, easy people to be around and their wedding day was flawless. Nothing was rushed or stressed, every moment was at it should be… enjoyed.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia was the perfect backdrop for Carol’s getting ready photos with her maid of honour Cindy. Next door, Chris and his best man Levi prepared for the day – I loved the idea of adjoining rooms! The First Look took place on the second floor of Hotel Georgia, highlighting some of the gorgeous interior details before we walked over to Vancouver Art Gallery and the Vancouver Law Courts for more photos. The sky threatened rain all day, but didn’t follow through. ;) For us, it meant a delightful break from Vancouver’s four-month long heatwave and perfect, overcast cloudy skies for photographs. 

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