Question and Answer: Part IV

May 25, 2015 in life

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Question and Answer4
What are the top things you want to convey to potential clients with a first (probably cyber) impression?

Oh! I love this, knowing what you want to portray to clients is so important, that’s what creating a brand is all about. You’re right, 99.99% of my clients first impression will either be through a) my social media or b) my website or c) my blog. I need to make sure I have a consistent brand throughout the various mediums. Of course, social media will be the most personal and most current, my blog will be the next and my website will be the most curated and least often updated. (Although I try to update it at least twice a year!) 

I want to convey that I CARE about individuals and their wedding. I genuinely love their story. I also want to convey that I can create natural images and they’ll have fun with me while they create them. Finally, that I’m experienced – no situation can make me stress. I’ve seen it all, I can handle your wedding and your crazy family. ;) Care, Creativity and Experience.

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Laser Eye Surgery PRK Recovery

One Year Later

May 22, 2015 in life


It’s been over a year since I had my PRK laser eye surgery! The first and only blog post about the experience I wrote when I was about 5-6 days post operation and for months now I’ve been wanting to write an update. Surprisingly, “PRK Recovery Story” is a keyword that draws quite a few readers to my blog from Google every month… I guess people are curious about lasers. ;)

I had my final check-up the last week of February, 13 months after my surgery date. Before the surgery, my prescription was -1.75 in the left eye and -3.75 in the right. In my right eye, I have astigmatism, a curvature of the eye that makes it difficult to wear contact lenses. With our wedding coming up (I was engaged at the time!) and contacts not being an option for me, I knew it was time to “man up!” and get the surgery done.

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Vancouver Club Wedding Photos

Tiffany and Ryan: May 16, 2015

May 20, 2015 in photography, weddings

As Ryan stood beside his wife of a couple hours, Tiffany, he gave a thank-you speech to all of their friends, family and vendors involved in the wedding. Then he turned to his bride, “My mom always told me to look for two things in a person. Character and integrity. Without a doubt, I have found both of those things in Tiffany.” He paused. “It’s just my luck that she happens to be smoking hot, as well.”

It was an honour to be Tiffany and Ryan‘s wedding photographer. I know I may write that so often the phrase “It’s an honour” begins to be expected but it’s true. I found myself smiling at multiple times throughout the day, watching Tiffany and Ryan’s love. Marriage is a good gift. A really good gift and I love that I get to witness two single people (at the beginning of the day) become a married couple, by the end of the day. It’s a beautiful mystery. 

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One Thing to Implement at Your NEXT Wedding

The start of my video series!

May 19, 2015 in business

Hello and happy Tuesday! Canadians, I hope you had an amazing long weekend with yesterday’s holiday Monday! I had the best weekend: I photographed a gorgeous wedding at The Vancouver Club on Saturday that I can’t wait to blog (hopefully tomorrow.) I also celebrated my “long weekend” (2 days off in a row!) with a lot of quality time with my husband and our dog, finished reading The Book Thief, started another book of short fiction and hiked in Chilliwack. Full, fun, restful weekend. To the rest of the world, sorry you didn’t get a long weekend. ;)

Today marks the launch of my YouTube channel! I’m really excited about creating educational and free content for photographers and business owners alike. I hope to keep every video around the 3-8 minute length. This video is going to give you ONE practical tip you can implement at your next wedding to create a better experience for your clients and your client’s friends and family.

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