January 16, 2017 In engagements, photography

Granville Island Engagement Photos

Gina and Daniel are getting married!

Nearly ten years ago, Gina moved to Vancouver from Taiwan to study Graphic Design. She fell in love with the city and it stayed in her heart long after she moved home. After moving home, she met Daniel through their workplace – and the two fell in love!

When they got engaged and starting planning their wedding for late 2017 in Taiwan, Gina knew she wanted Daniel to experience Vancouver (and the whole West Coast!) They booked a 2 week trip to the coast, visiting Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego and making time for engagement photos in the city she loves!

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January 13, 2017 In photography, portraits

Vancouver Family Photos

Goossen Family

I often receive emails wondering if I would be willing photograph non-wedding work? The answer is (almost) always “Yes!”  In the summer, of course, weddings and engagement sessions are often my priority but when I can fit in family sessions, I love the opportunity to shoot them.

I booked a great family for this session on December 23rd on the phone one afternoon. Later in the day, upon mentioning the family’s name to my husband, he said, Oh! Their son-in-law just started working at the church. (My husband works at our church, too!) It was funny timing because that very evening was the church staff Christmas party, so it was awesome to meet Brooke and Rob before the shoot the week after.

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January 11, 2017 In photography, portraits

Vancouver Family Photos

Rebecca and Kenneth and Jamie!

Rebecca and Kenneth are such amazing clients of mine! They have referred so many couples to me over the years since their wedding day, three and a half years ago. I absolutely love photographing them and it was an honour to be asked to photograph their first ‘official’ family photos. They had a son named Jamie 10 months ago! (Love that it’s spelled like my name, too. Heheh!) I got to meet and hold Jamie at Jacky & Phoebe’s wedding this summer.

Rebecca and Kenneth moved into their first townhouse this year, as well. I was so happy to come to their neighbourhood to capture the beautiful scenery around their house! Enjoy!

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January 9, 2017 In photography, weddings

Best of Wedding Rings

I love the symbolism of a bride and groom’s weddings rings–the tangible reminder of your marriage on your hand every day of your life. My rings have only become more loved and special to me since I received them 3 years ago! For that reason, I love to capture the bride and groom’s wedding rings on every wedding day. Enjoy this collection of my favourite ring shots from the 2016 season!

P.S. Just because I wanted to make this post a bit more interesting, here’s a sweet post from Tina, from my December 30th wedding. Tina shared her blog post link on Facebook with this text:

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