June 22, 2017 In photography, portraits

Langley Family Photographer

Four years ago, I photographed Jaclyn and Matt’s wedding day at Redwoods Golf Course on one of the craziest, most humid June days! A year and a half later, when I photographed their friend’s Carmen and Trevor’s wedding, Jaclyn and Matt were expecting with their first baby: Owen! Six months ago, they had a girl named Charlie. 

A couple months from now, Matt and Jaclyn are moving to the Yukon. Jaclyn emailed me in the Spring about updated family photos with her parents and sister before this big life change for them! I loved capturing this bunch!

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June 19, 2017 In photography, portraits

Redwood Park Family Photos

Meet the Wheelers!

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, Nicole, Cam and their parents Sandy and Dave! Michelle found my work on Instagram and contacted me about family photos on a specific Saturday. Her parents recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary – and Father’s Day weekend was not only Father’s Day, but her Mom’s birthday!

The kids wanted to celebrate their parents, so they were throwing a surprise anniversary party on Saturday night – with a whole bunch of other surprise items along the way! The first was a session with me at 10:30am! So great to meet this bunch and capture some updated family photos for them. Loved that I could also capture some anniversary photos just for Sandy and Dave, too.

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June 14, 2017 In photography, portraits

Crescent Beach Photos

Hollie and Marc: Anniversary Session

We met our friends Hollie and Marc nearly three years ago, when they came to the first week of our community group. (Community groups are small groups of people who meet in homes every week around the city from our church!)

My first impression of Hollie and Marc was that they were a quieter couple, which is funny to me now. Because Hollie is actually quite outgoing, and Marc is only serious about 10 minutes a day… the other 15 hours and 50 minutes he’s making jokes under his breath.  We appreciate their friendship and we always love hanging out with these two. Hollie is becoming a closer friend of mine every year and I’m so thankful for her!

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June 12, 2017 In photography, portraits

South Surrey Family Photographer

Meet the Nelsons!

I love photographing the Nelson family!

Proud to say this is the sixth time I’ve photographed Jessica and Scott, and their family keeps growing. They brought baby Jared into the world six weeks ago, and Scotty Jr. is already a proud older brother. The last at-home session I photographed for them was two years ago, when Scotty was only 8 weeks old! It was fun to look back on that session when I was editing and compare both baby photos. 

We started with photos of Scotty and Jared together and it was the most adorable thing. Scotty kept leaning over to try to kiss his baby brother. 

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