August 23, 2017 In engagements, photography

Jericho Beach Engagement Session

Julie & Jono are getting married!

A handful of years ago, Julie moved in with one of her high school friends, while attending university. One evening, Julie’s friend invited Julie out for some beers with a group of her friends/past co-workers. One of those friends was Jono! The group became good friends over the next few months, enjoying a ‘Thursday beers’ tradition. Jono had an interest in Julie early on… but Julie didn’t clue in for a few months to his affection. In early July of that year, Julie & Jono made their interest known in one another and they’ve been together ever since!

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August 16, 2017 In photography, weddings

Stanley Park Teahouse Wedding

Haley and Jake: August 13, 2017

Haley and Jake emailed me last October about their small Sunday reception with 70 friends and family at the Stanley Park Teahouse! We corresponded over a few emails in the past year, but up until their wedding day morning, I had never met Haley nor Jake. Right away, it felt like I had known them longer than 10 minutes! Haha!

We started with a First Look on the Teahouse property between Haley and Jake around 9 o’ clock in the morning. (I also had a similar timeline for this Stanley Park Teahouse wedding… it is the actual best. Nobody is in Stanley Park at that time! Makes for amazing images.) Haley and Jake’s wedding party: Quinn, Ashleigh, Kate, Tim and Andrew were a lot of fun to hang out with and truly made my job so easy.

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August 15, 2017 In photography, weddings

Dockside Restaurant Granville Island Wedding

Kelsey and Nick: August 12, 2017

Kelsey and Nick, there is so much to say about your beautiful day! From the moment I arrived at Kelsey’s Dad’s home in Kitsilano, Kelsey and her bridesmaids seemed relaxed, excited and truly ‘living in the moment.’ The house was still decorated from an engagement party/welcome-to-the-wedding-weekend celebration a few days before. Frames photos of Kelsey and Nick, balloons, an XOXO sign, it was pretty cute.

Kelsey is radiant. She’s so obviously gorgeous and chose the most stunning gown. We were laughing in the morning saying, ‘It feels like butter!’ And her dress certainly did. It was stunning and we had brilliant wind most of the day, moving her dress and veil to perfection. I loved the First Look moment with her dad before heading off to the ceremony at St Andrews Wesley Church.

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August 12, 2017 In photography, weddings

Hycroft Manor Vancouver Club Wedding

Elaine and Hason: August 5, 2017

Elaine and Hason’s wedding day was amazing. I was able to be there for every single part of the day: truly from start to finish: 6:30am to 10:15pm! A record for me! From the Door Games at Elaine’s house in the morning, to the tea ceremony and wedding ceremony at Hycroft Manor, University Women’s Club, lots of time for portraits at both Hycroft and the reception venue, The Vancouver Club the day was a dream!

Seriously, Elaine & Hason thought of every possible thing leading up to their celebration. It was planned incredibly well – every person in the wedding party had their job and everything ran like clockwork! 

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