Marriage Is Not About You

You & Me Forever

October 28, 2014 in life

Last week, my husband Randy and I were in Arizona with my parents and his mom, enjoying the hot hot weather (How do you Arizonians do it, by the way? Your late October is our hottest day in August) and enjoying quality time together. Whenever we have time off together, Randy and I love to ask the big questions. Why are we here? What is our purpose as a couple? How do we honour Jesus with our life and our decisions and our time and our finances? 

We are chasing big ideas and big dreams.

Randy & I have a project under wraps that I’m really, really excited about – a project with the potential to raise a lot of money and give people an opportunity to be a part of something to “change the world.” We’ve been brainstorming and dreaming every chance we get. (More information will be available to you in the New Year.) When my friend Candace emailed me a book called You & Me Forever, the message resonated strongly with what’s stirring in our hearts.

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Crescent Beach Engagement Photos

Lauren and Jeff are getting married!

October 27, 2014 in engagements, photography

Lauren and Jeff met almost fifteen years ago… when they were only twelve years old. Jeff was in Kelowna for a baseball tournament and Lauren was with her family watching her brother play baseball on the same team. The team went to the beach for the day and Lauren and Jeff said “hello!” for the first time. The next year, Jeff and Lauren attended high school together and became good friends. Good friends who always dated other people, mind you – and even went on double dates! After high school graduation, Jeff went to Kansas to play baseball on a University scholarship and Lauren went to Victoria to study.

Five years later, Lauren and Jeff’s paths reconnected when Lauren’s brother ended up on an airplane back from Kansas with Jeff. Although it took them a decade or so… Lauren and Jeff stopped dating other people and decided to date each other. Haha! Close to one year ago, Jeff and Lauren were blessed with the arrival of their first baby, Maëlle. (Who happens to share a birthday with my husband… add that to the list of facts you didn’t really need to know.)

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Learning to Embrace Vulnerability

October 23, 2014 in life

Learning to Embrace Vulnerability

A few weeks ago, I picked up Daring Greatly by Brene Brown from my local library. I had no idea what to expect inside the cover and I was pleasantly surprised. Brene Brown is a vulnerability researcher and a professor at the University of Houston. For the last ten years, she’s studied vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. Daring Greatly is a book about the courage to be vulnerable and learning to embrace vulnerability.

Society feeds us 3 myths about vulnerability

1. Vulnerability is weakness.
2. “I don’t do vulnerability.”
3. Vulnerability is “letting it all hang out.”

An important part of Brown’s research was centred around shame. What is shame? Do we all feel it? Shame is the fear of disconnection and yes, we all feel it. It’s the idea we’ve fallen short, we are unlovable because we have not measured up. Shame is believing we are flawed, unworthy of love.

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Swaneset Wedding Photos

Carmen and Trevor: October 18, 2014

October 21, 2014 in photography, weddings

Carmen and Trevor were married this past Saturday at Swan-E-Set Golf & Country Club in Maple Ridge, but the day began at Carmen’s parent’s home in Vancouver. I love when two cultures blend in a wedding day and Carmen and Trevor’s day was no exception. My favourite moment of the morning was during the tea ceremony. The audience of guests watching laughed every time Trevor spoke a few Chinese words before handing family members tea. (By the way, Carmen filled me in. Apparently before the tea is handed to each family member, all she’s saying in Chinese is “drink tea.” All these years and I never thought to ask and never knew! Hah!) I also loved Carmen’s family’s dog that was sporting a blue bow tie to match the bridesmaids and hanging around all day. (Even at the venue! It was awesome, he was walking around mingling with the guests in the ballroom like it was his home.)

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