October 1, 2015 In business

Does Your Instagram Have a Call to Action?

Double Your List Growth Using a Call to Action on your Social Profiles. PLUS: A free cheat sheet! Click through to download.


 Your Social Profiles Need a Call to Action

The way I see it – there are 3 ways new people can hear about your blog or business for the first time. 1) A direct recommendation from a friend 2) a Google search or 3) Social Media. In both #1 and #2, the user will have a specific goal in mind: finding you specifically (based on the recommendation) or finding an answer to their question (when googling.) However in scenario #3, when a user finds your business on social media (ie. instagram, twitter, facebook or pinterest) it’s highly likely they were simply browsing. One click lead to the next that lead to the next. (We all do it!)

When new users find your instagram profile is there a specific call-to-action?

Do they read your Pinterest bio and think, “Oh that’s great,” but maybe click off your profile before opening up your blog? Do new followers on Twitter hit “follow” because your bio seems in line with what they’d like to learn about… and weeks later, they hit “unfollow?”

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September 30, 2015 In engagements, photography

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos

Lighthouse Park Engagement Photos by Jamie Delaine http://www.jamiedelaineblog.com

Allie and Adam met and started dating years ago while they were still in high school. Although both knew they wanted to be together forever from an early age, they made a conscious effort throughout their university years to develop their own separate friendships and circles. I love how they gave each other space to grow as individuals during those formative years – but still remaining committed to one another as well. Shows so much wisdom! (And as Allie remembers, “Pretty quickly our friends all became friends with each other anyway!” Hah!)

When Adam was offered a job position in the Vancouver area, he jumped at the chance to live on the West Coast for a few years. He asked Allie to move from Ontario to B.C. with him and she said, “Yes!” A month before Adam’s move to Vancouver and two months before Allie would graduate university to join him, Adam asked another life-altering question, “Will you marry me?”

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September 24, 2015 In photography, weddings

UBC Boathouse Wedding Photos

I arrived in the early afternoon of Nicole & Ryan’s wedding day at River Rock Resort to find a very calm and collected Nicole with her five beautiful bridesmaids. Final preparations were made, with a glass of pink champagne in hand, before Nicole slipped into her fitted lace dress with the help of her mom and sister. 

The forecast had been calling for rain (and lots of it!) and unfortunately Nicole and Ryan had to make the “Plan B” call to move their ceremony inside… but the amazing Epic Events team got right to work and made things happen. Nicole had the most amazing joy on her day – nothing seemed to stress her out – even non cooperative dark and rainy skies! UBC Boathouse was a modern and bright choice for the gloomy Fall day and I loved the light pouring into the ceremony space as Nicole & Ryan said “I do!”

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September 23, 2015 In business

5 Tips for Effective Blogging

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are all having a beautiful week. I certainly am! The weather has finally, finally changed from summer to Fall in the Vancouver area and I am loving that I get to spend my days blogging in a toque (beanie, for you American readers), a sweater, jeans and boots. It’s a beautiful thing.

I’m so excited to share that my YouTube channel recently hit 400+ subscribers! Thank you so much if you’re one of them! (And if you’re not – shameless plug – subscribe today so you don’t miss any of my weekly videos!)

On my channel, I mainly focus on videos and tutorials for photographers about photography (of course) and the business of photography. However, I want to start introducing a few more videos simply for business owners – in addition to the business blogging I already do!

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