September 8, 2016 In photography, weddings

Cecil Green Park House Wedding

Amber and Zack: September 4, 2016


Amber and Zack live in Seattle but chose to travel up to Vancouver for a destination wedding on Labour Day weekend! One of my favourite parts of their wedding was watching so many guests enjoy our beautiful city for the first time. Amber and Zack chose Cecil Green Park House as their wedding venue and it was an excellent choice! You can feel the fresh mountain air, see a glimpse of the Pacific Ocean and the whole UBC campus is stunning. I also love how Cecil Green Park House can accommodate both ceremonies and receptions – making the day run so smoothly!

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September 7, 2016 In photography, weddings

Fraser River Lodge Wedding Photos

Kourtney and Dexter: September 2, 2016

Fraser River Lodge Wedding Photos 24

I have been looking forward to Kourtney and Dexter‘s wedding day since I met them at their engagement session back in May! They chose the fabulous Fraser River Lodge as their wedding venue in Agassiz and I couldn’t wait to return. The morning of the wedding day, the rain was pouring outside my window! It was early enough, so I’m sure everybody was thinking, “Just let it rain! Let it allll rain out!” By the time we arrived at the bridal suite at Fraser River Lodge by 1:00pm, the skies were gray but it didn’t look like any chance of rain. Kourtney mentioned she had to make the call at noon about a ceremony on the lawn, or a ceremony underneath the tent. She called it, lawn! Perfect. We both agreed it was worth the risk because, even if it did rain, it certainly wasn’t going to pour. It ‘doesn’t’ pour in the Lower Mainland. It drizzles. Guests can hold umbrellas. It’s worth it for the photos. All ways we rationalized the outdoor ceremony and the venue staff completed set up of all the chairs on the lawn.

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August 31, 2016 In engagements, photography

English Bay Engagement Photos

Onur and Sarah are getting married!

English Bay Vancouver Engagement Photos 05

Sarah and Onur met for the first time at a mixer party for their MBA program at the University of British Columbia. Sarah was in the part-time track and Onur in the full-time, so their paths hadn’t crossed before that point. Onur introduced himself and Sarah remembers his kind smile, but nothing materialized between the pair immediately.

A few months after graduation from the program, Onur moved to Toronto. Eventually, the two began chatting a bit back and forth on Facebook. I’ll let Onur continue the story… “As luck would have it, she was coming to Toronto on a work trip and we decided to meet for a drink when she was in town. We ended up spending the entire time together while she was in Toronto. After she returned to Vancouver we kept talking everyday on the phone, on Skype and via text message. After a month of missing each other we decided that we didn’t want to be apart like that so I packed up and came back to Vancouver only 3 months after leaving.”

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August 30, 2016 In engagements, photography

UBC Engagement Photos

Lynn and Peter are getting married!

UBC Engagement Photos 05

Lynn and Peter met just over one year ago, on a hiking trip organized by mutual friends. There were 20 friends hiking together that day on the five hour trail. Peter noticed Lynn lagging behind a bit and instead of charging ahead to prove his own athleticism, he waited for her, encouraging her along the way. Lynn noticed his effort and soon, they both realized they were left behind! For an hour or so, they hiked together, not talking too much, but enjoying each other’s company. Lynn remembers it as ‘definitely a great first impression!’ A week after the hike, Peter asked Lynn out on a date and she said yes. Fifteen months later, here I am, sharing their engagement photos with you!

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