June 14, 2017 In photography, portraits

Crescent Beach Photos

Hollie and Marc: Anniversary Session

We met our friends Hollie and Marc nearly three years ago, when they came to the first week of our community group. (Community groups are small groups of people who meet in homes every week around the city from our church!)

My first impression of Hollie and Marc was that they were a quieter couple, which is funny to me now. Because Hollie is actually quite outgoing, and Marc is only serious about 10 minutes a day… the other 15 hours and 50 minutes he’s making jokes under his breath.  We appreciate their friendship and we always love hanging out with these two. Hollie is becoming a closer friend of mine every year and I’m so thankful for her!

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June 12, 2017 In photography, portraits

South Surrey Family Photographer

Meet the Nelsons!

I love photographing the Nelson family!

Proud to say this is the sixth time I’ve photographed Jessica and Scott, and their family keeps growing. They brought baby Jared into the world six weeks ago, and Scotty Jr. is already a proud older brother. The last at-home session I photographed for them was two years ago, when Scotty was only 8 weeks old! It was fun to look back on that session when I was editing and compare both baby photos. 

We started with photos of Scotty and Jared together and it was the most adorable thing. Scotty kept leaning over to try to kiss his baby brother. 

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June 11, 2017 In life

Forge: A Love Story [Part Twenty]

How We Came to Be Mr. & Mrs. Watson

(If you’re looking for links to other parts of the story, scroll to the end of this post.)

 — — — — —

 I was in love with Randy and I knew it with confidence deep down in my soul.

It was simultaneously the most surreal and the most natural emotion in the world. I used to wonder what “being in love” would feel like. How amazing it would be to have a man, a real life man, and love that person!

I had him. It was just Randy! My best friend Randy! But wait – I have someone who wants to love me, maybe, forever. Natural to surreal, surreal to natural. I was in a daze!

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June 5, 2017 In photography, weddings

Swan-E-Set Golf Course Wedding Photos

Jady and Doug: June 3, 2017

Jady and Doug met at church through mutual friends years ago… and have been dating for five years. Their wedding day has been long-awaited by their family and friends and it was an absolute joy to spend thirteen hours of their celebration with them. The morning started with Door Games at Jady and Doug’s townhouse, always the best candid photos, before a tea ceremony for Jady’s family. Their ceremony at Westwood Alliance Church was full of thanksgiving to God, joy and emotion between both Jady and Doug during the vows as they tried to hold back tears. 

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