May 3, 2017 In photography, weddings

Stanley Park Teahouse Wedding

Kristine and Oliver: April 30, 2017

Kristine + Oliver both studied Video Game Design at Vancouver Film School, but didn’t meet until they started working at the same company. After a couple years of working at the same place, their friend groups started to mix and they found themselves at group dinners every week or so! A friendship blossomed throughout those dinners and one November, they started dating. Six weeks later, they were engaged and planning their wedding for the next year! It was a whirlwind, know-it-when-you-feel-it romance.

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May 1, 2017 In photography, portraits

Port Moody Family Photos

Terry, Heidi, Constance and Joelle

Terry and Heidi are a great couple who recently celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary! In celebration of the milestone, they wanted to capture some family photos of their beautiful daughters: Constance and Joelle. I was excited to meet them last week in one of my favourite corners of the Lower Mainland, Port Moody. We had a gorgeously sunny evening and spent some time capturing their beautiful family in photos. Enjoy!

P.S. If you’re looking to update your family photos, I absolutely LOVE photographing young families! It’s true! I’d love to hear from you and schedule in a summer date soon. You can reach me at 

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April 28, 2017 In photography, portraits

Langley Family Photos

I was so happy to photograph one of the coolest families this week in support of The School Sessions. They graciously donated 100% of their session fee to the project in exchange for a family photo session with me! I met Stephanie and her then-fiance Brenden (they had been engaged a couple weeks!) when we were seated together at a wedding as guests! The four of us hit it off really well. Then, we discovered we went to the same church and saw them the very next day. (In a church of 3000 people, at the time, that was pretty impressive.)

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April 25, 2017 In engagements, photography

Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Elaine and Hason are getting married!

Elaine and Hason met for the first time in August of 2012. Elaine had moved from Vancouver to Hong Kong only the year before, and was getting connected in a church locally. A group of friends were doing a day trip on the ferry to Macau, and invited Elaine along. When she arrived, another friend introduced her to Hason. Within minutes, she forgot how to pronounce his unique name, and not wanting to mess it up, didn’t speak much with him that day. Haha!

Following that day, the pair became friends on Facebook, but didn’t see one another for a couple of months. After another group hangout, Hason and Elaine exchanged numbers, for convenience’s sake, so they could plan a group thing with friends! They both started messaging on WhatsApp super regularly, which over time morphed into a great friendship and soon, a relationship. This August, they’ll be marrying one another on the five anniversary of the first day they met! (I love that.)

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