I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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Five years ago, Carman & Tommy met through church when Carman started attending with a friend. The pair didn’t connect right away as their circles weren’t the same, until later that year in the summertime. Their youth group went away to gospel camp for a week and Carman & Tommy got to know each other a bit more through friends. 

Neither remembers the exact moment they started moving closer to one another, but in November, Carman & Tommy went on a walk in Stanley Park–their first ‘solo hangout.’ It was officially just a friendship without hand-holding on the walk… though both Carman & Tommy were wondering what was next. In December, after studying at Simon Fraser University in the library, they went for a walk to clear their brains! Tommy reached for Carman’s hand and that was that… their story began.

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One year ago, Angela had recently moved back from the Toronto area (where she completed her graduate degree) to Vancouver, where she grew up. Angela started working at a new company and a few weeks into her new role, she remembers a birthday party for one of her co-workers, Steve. It’s always overwhelming to remember a list of new names when you are first introduced, but the attention being on Steve for his birthday solidified his name in Angela’s memory!

In Angela’s mind she started noticing the ‘cute, tall, Asian guy’ named Steve and the two started chatting a little bit more. After one hangout outside of work with other coworkers, they decided to take a class together. After going, just the two of them, to register for the class, they had their first date, grabbing food together! (I reallyyy hope I’m getting these details right, Angela, hahaha, it’s all from memory from our first meeting.)

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When my husband and I first started attending our church four years ago, we wanted to join a small group (called ‘community groups’ at our church) to meet some more people. The first week we went, we met Maddy and Ryan. They were super friendly and fun people and we connected right away because we discovered I had just booked Maddy’s friend Natalie’s wedding for the following year! (Maddy was going to be a bridesmaid.)

In addition, Maddy and Ryan mentioned their ‘six month’ mark of dating… and I thought, “Hold up! Randy and I have been together 6 months!” Turns out, we started dating within a few weeks of one another (June-ish 2013) although Randy and I had just gotten engaged already! (We were older/had things to do/weren’t in school, etc, hahah.) All this being said, I’ll never forget how many years M + R have been together, because then I’d be forgetting my own relationship ‘fact.’

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Steph and Jacob’s wedding day was so much fun. One of my favourite things about this crazy career is seeing the incredible diversity of each gathering. Every bride and groom has a different love story, different upbringings, different interests and groups of friends.

Again and again, that was a common theme spoken by their family and friends – Jacob & Steph share a love of the outdoors, adventure, travel and new experiences. A cute little fact… the way Jacob found Steph’s profile online was by typing “Rock Climbing” into the search box. From the very beginning, their love of adventure has united them.

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