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kangaroo meat

January 13, 2012

personal, portraits

the last day we had in sydney before leaving to shoot roxy & diego’s wedding was spent in one of australia’s stunning national parks. a new photographer friend of mine, james day, suggested that leanne & i hit up this spot and offered to show us around. so thankful he did! [also: little shout out, james was the sydney photographer who recommended me, all the way from vancouver, to roxy & diego. can’t thank him enough for his referral — check out his blog.]

after a short walk through the trails we came to the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. the view was amazing: photos truly don’t do it justice. however, we have never, ever felt wind so strong in our lives as it was that day. i was worried about leanne getting blown off the edge: the wind literally moved her. very unwise choice of outfits on our part as well, skirts and dresses — but we managed alright and it made for good photos.

this past monday, we flew to melbourne from sydney to stay with a photographer named amy oliver and her husband nathan. amy first emailed me over a year ago introducing herself and offering a place to stay if we ever happened to be in australia… well… don’t offer me a place to stay on the other side of the world, or i will actually come. and bring a friend with me. we had so so so much fun with these two & we are so thankful for their hospitality. in our four days with them in melbourne, we shopped a ton, walked around federation square, ate some great burgers, even met ten new friends at a neighbourhood BBQ last night. we tried kangaroo meat. i liked it.

on wednesday, we woke up early to drive the four hours along the great ocean road from melbourne to torquay to apollo bay to princetown to see the 12 apostles. such a beautiful drive!

ah, our time here has been so beautiful. i will never get tired of travelling to new places and making new friends — i always come home grateful and encouraged. we have one last night in sydney this evening, then it’s the long flight home tomorrow morning to vancouver!

  • Safe travels on your way home yo! I actually really love that second shot I snapped of you! :-)
    Come back soon! I’ll find another Roxy & Diego for you to come back for!

  • love these! so beautiful! stunning landscape. and i love your dress! so cute!

  • Wow, spectacular! I haven’t seen landscapes like these before of Australia, looks fabulous. And I’m super jealous that it’s summer there…

  • Australia looks beautiful and so do you two ladies. After your trip I suggest you do a post on where both of your wardrobes I from. I love each and every outfit you two wear.

  • All these are so great. I LOVE the pictures of you in that cute grey dress. You look like a little surfer or something! Leanne looks stunning, too. Thanks for posting about your Australian time. I loved reading it! :)

  • you guys are soo adorable! I especially love that second picture of you guys! Australia looks so amazing! :)

  • Jamieeeeee these are SO gorgeous. Luckiest second shooter in the world to be able to hang out with you and your cam! :)

  • i love your outfits! the landscape is gorgeous. :))
    -jocee <3

  • you two are bea-u-tee-full! And the ocean, oh, the ocean! hope you had an awesome time and the heat didn’t bother you too much ;) XoXo*S

  • So funny, I didn’t read the whole post then started looking…hey that looks like Kangaroo island….DUH…it was …so cool- A remarkable place!

  • Vanessa

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!! I recognize exactly where so many of the shots are taken from; you always seem to capture it so well!! I’m surprised you liked kangaroo, though.. it’s so tough! :)

  • Again very great images … would be great if there was some photo data on the photos so us saddos could see.

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