February 2, 2012 In life

six things to love.

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1. the revolution movement volunteers. these people are incredible. we have 40+ interns working madly all week long on final conference prep, not to mention all the pastors and youth staff plus all the other volunteers. i was helping out at the church a little bit yesterday afternoon. to give you an idea of the kind of commitment these folks have, one of our art projects is individually gluing pictures of coloured cellophane wrap onto 7000+ communion cups. yeah. 7000. i am excited to see everything come together this weekend for UNVEILED: Revolution Conference 2012. it’s going to be incredible.

2. the loft sessions from bethel music: i bought this CD the first day it was released on iTunes. haven’t regretted the purchase for a second. it’s been my new driving music, my new working music, my new running music, my new quiet time music, we even glued cellophane to these tunes. [see paragraph above] i love this video.

3. let’s get real, i am loving anything caffeinated. always. but particularly today, because yesterday i went 24 hours without coffee. not even tea. nothing. literally no caffeine. it was alright, but i was flat out asleep by 9:15pm — i’ll stick to my one americano a day. it’s a beautiful thing… especially when it’s from the woods coffee.

4. large bobby pins. leanne, i am making a list of favourite things this week on my blog… and i need to think of one more superficial stupid item to go on my list. why? well, because i have all these awesome resources and heartfelt choices and… then, jumbo bobby pins. don’t laugh! it feels out of place but i am serious. they are revolutionizing my hair life. she tried to help me think of another superficial item but we came up short… but then i added in “caffeine” so i feel like this now fits more. i have to thank leanne for the introduction to these babies. you can pick them up at any pharmacy and it makes messy buns for super long hair like mine a breeze!

5. the circle maker by mark batterson. i had to read this book after seeing the flurry of tweets from rich wilkerson about it. there have been a few books that stand out in my faith journey and this has become one of them. [i hope to do a blog post on all of ’em someday soon] — i was encouraged and challenged by pastor mark and am excited to continuing to dream and pray, with greater intensity. mark also has some sweet podcasts from national community church in DC that i’ve been enjoying. all around phenomenal read.

6. she’s kristen! and one of my closest friends who launched a new blog this week: i’m kristen’s photo blog, full of cute videos like this one and amazing photography like this. it’s a must-read.

ps. i was interviewed by “psychology for photographers” this week.
pps. i have two new blogs sponsors for february, amanda driver and vibella jewellery. i encourage you to check out vibella’s website, especially their “about us” section.

At the heart of our mission, Vi Bella impacts the lives of at-risk women within Haiti, Mexico and the United States. These women serve as our artists and inspiration. Utilizing plastic and glass bottles collected by local boys, women in Haiti and Mexico upcycle the material and transform a littered landscape into something beautiful. Back home, women in Sioux Center, IA prepare the jewelry as you see it. We then invest all of our profit back into the artists’ communities, which brings the transformation full-circle. Vi Bella jewelry spreads love and fellowship across culture by providing a sense of purpose that rejuvenates once-tattered lives. You’re not just collecting a piece of Vi Bella, you’re helping create a beautiful life.

  • http://laurennygard.com Lauren Nygard

    Oh my! Large bobby pins ARE the best! Great list here! xoxo

  • steph

    bethel music loft sessions has been on repeat in our house too!!! amazing! also, if you buy the cd younger a DVD recording of it too which is so so cool!

  • http://theofficialblogofelishab.blogspot.com/ Elisha

    kristen is amazingg!!!

  • http://www.jenniferlake.com Jen

    Large bobby pins always belong on a list of things you love. And things you couldn’t live without. And things you forget all over the place. And things stuffed in the bottom of your purse.

    Lots of great things on this list!!

    xo, Jen

  • http://none Brielle

    Ha awesome! I looooove the album-purchased it like 10 min after reading there website-no joke :)

  • http://www.farrahallan.com Farrah

    Ooh love love large bobby pins, my hair is far too long and can never stay up with tiny pins. Also loved kirsten’s work, very inspiring. Will have to check out the loft sessions!

  • Hannah

    I LOVE Bethel’s Loft Sessions. That is on repeat for me as well since I bought it. All of Bethel’s music is great!

  • http://www.jenzalewski.com/blogged Jenzie

    Kristen’s work is lovely! Definitely going to bookmark her blog. Also, “Circle Maker” sounds like a really interesting read. Look forward to a (hopefully) future post on more faith-related books you’ve enjoyed! :) Take care!

  • http://www.Aroundthecorner.fr Morgane

    hey Jamie, I just discovered your blog and i think you’re very talented ! Beautiful photos :)

  • http://blogspot.com/bonjourvictoria Victoria

    i just got that cd after reading your post, i have several hours of driving ahead of me today so that will be a huge blessing! :)