March 9, 2012 In photography, portraits

the lovely leanne

sometimes you need to photograph, just to photograph. while emily was visiting this weekend, we found this great dress at mintage. leanne spent a half hour [literally–soooo cold!] chilling in a forest near my house. we took a few photos and i giggled. i love love love what we captured. leanne is pretty. [i’ve photographed leanne before. here & here & here.]

ps. see emily’s version of the shoot here.

  • The dress she’s wearing here is so gorgeous. Love how you share your friendship with her through your blog!

  • LOVE her dress! :) Leanne you are gorgeous! :)

  • Pam

    Very beautiful! I love how you used the forest light, especially in the last photograph.

  • Super cute Jamie!! i love the dress. And I totally know what you mean! During off season when I haven’t had a shoot in a week or two, I beg my friends to model for me just so I can shoot! And those ones are sometimes the best! :)

  • love the dress, love the photos!!

  • Kim

    Came here via Em – love seeing the differences in the photos! Cool project :)

  • Love the use of light here, Jamie! and gah! her dress is adorable. beautiful photos!

  • wow, she’s stunning. amazing shots!

  • anna

    she’s so awfully pretty, the atmosphere blows me away and i love what you create, it touches my soul. thank you.

  • I’m in love with her dress. Each and every photo is unbelievably stunning! Amazing!

  • These are stunning. I absolutely adore the second one. Looks like a place of solace.

  • Brielle

    Awesome! She looks great, as alwyas and i love the dress!

  • Lovely, gal!