April 9, 2012 In engagements, photography

granville island engagement: sandi&david

it was august 2009 when sandi & david first met. the “boys” were having their traditional monthly hangout and two girls [friends of friends] decided to crash the boys night. ;) one of them was sandi. it was the night david’s life changed. in his words, it was love at first sight. david knew two things after that evening: sandi’s phone number & that sandi was traveling to taiwan that week.

the small¬† hiccup was sandi never mentioned the length of her trip. she left david no other information but her local vancouver phone number. david left it a week, he tried calling. she wasn’t around. he left it two weeks, tried calling, she didn’t pick up. three weeks in, he’s wondering if she is home in vancouver and ignoring him or maybe was still traveling in taiwan. through some handy facebook research, david found a profile that looked like sandi’s photo [although it was tiny] and he figured, what was there to lose? he clicked: “add as a friend.” it was sandi. they started messaging back and forth and when sandi returned to vancouver [a month later!] they went out for her birthday on september 17th & started dating.

here we are now, two and a half years later. sandi & david’s granville island engagement session was on the most beautiful spring day. it made me oh-so-excited for their may 27 wedding at brock house restaurant. hot pink skinny jeans and a snow-white dog named tommy? it doesn’t get any cuter, i promise.

  • so. cute. love those hot pink skinny jeans! such a great capture of their love jamie!

  • Brielle

    I love them and her jeans!