July 10, 2012 In engagements, photography

grouse mountain engagement: veronica & winston

veronica & winston were introduced in august of 2011 by their chinese herbal doctor. he told veronica he knew a guy, he told winston he knew a girl. ;) they met at the store and soon after went on their first date. veronica, an avid runner and hiker, suggested the grouse grind. now, i did the grouse grind for my first time on friday. it’s hot, it’s sweaty, it’s challenging and you look gross at the end of it. brave first date. veronica used to hike the trail once a week — so she was a pro — and apparently winston passed the test! the first date went well and they’ve been dating since last summer.

it only made sense to have their engagement session on the top of veronica & winston’s beloved grouse mountain. thankfully we didn’t have to hike. we took the cable car up. ;) these two are excited to tie the knot in an intimate wedding on a friday afternoon in september. they will be having their ceremony at the london heritage farm in steveston [a place they love to hangout on days off for long walks!] and i can’t wait to celebrate. see you two soon!