August 27, 2012 In photography, portraits

maternity: kelsey & jason

kelsey & jason are going to become parents soon. i am excited. kelsey is one of my best friends and i knew kids were in the plan for 2012… so that’s why we took these pre-baby couples portraits in october 2011. ;) i remember the day, end of february, that kelsey and jason brought me into the youth office and pulled an ultrasound photo out of her purse. it was a great day. then i took these photos of kelsey and jason when they found out their baby was a BOY back in may. now, kelsey is 38 weeks [she was 35 weeks when i took these photos] and is as beautiful as ever. she really is “all” baby. and glowing. and i can’t wait to meet their baby boy and have many baby-chillin’/winter-workin’ dates at her home after he arrives [and i’m in my slow season!]


ps. thanks for your pro assistant skills jason. nice.

  • ah, YES! these make me soooo happy!

  • So precious! Such an exciting time for Kelsey and Jason! Congrats on your little boy :)

  • Beautiful setting, those trees! and the light is amazing. Congratulations to your friends.

  • You’re right Jamie, she’s really beautiful! I love these photos and how you can feel their joy and excitement!