October 31, 2012 In photography, portraits

colleen, jussi & family

My best friends tend to appear on my blog often. That’s just how it goes when you have a blog about your life and your friends are a big part of your life. I photographed my friends Jason & Kelsey “just because” last Fall, I photographed Jason & Kelsey when they found out their baby was a boy,¬†photographed Jason & Kelsey as we waited for that baby boy to arrive, and photographed their baby boy, Jude, when he DID arrive!

There you go. Storytime with Jamie. It’s been a big year for Kelsey & Jason, but they aren’t the only ones. Kelsey’s parents have been in the long process of adoption for the past two years. During the first week of September, Colleen & Jussi became new parents to Gina and Prosper. The whole family was together in Langley over Thanksgiving weekend and I was happy to capture this new family, all together.

  • awww! my gosh, what a cute family! those two girls are simply ADORABLE.

  • Ohhhhh. I love this session! Those little girls are totes adorbs.

  • Oh that’s so awesome! How cute! Jude is so big!

  • this post makes me happy. such a beautiful family. thanks for sharing, jamie :)

  • Gina and Prosper!!! *swoon*