March 26, 2013 In photography, portraits

Jason, Kelsey, Jude & Baby 2

My dear friends, with their dear family.

Jason and Kelsey got married at 19 in a small town on Vancouver Island. When they were 22/23 years old, they moved to Langley. I met them and we became fast friends. I took their “we’re 4ish years married and loving it” photos. Then, they wanted to start a family. A few months of waiting–God blessed them with a healthy pregnancy. We found out baby was a boy. We watched baby boy grow inside Kelsey… and then Jude was born on August 29, 2012. Kelsey and Jason like to get ‘er done, so I knew Baby #2 was coming whenever the Lord willed. ;) He willed prett-ee-fast.

Kelsey was 9 weeks pregnant in these photos (and already showing!) when they were taken last week. Her & Jason officially announced to friends yesterday. I am so excited to meet Baby #2 in October! (Also. Fun fact. Brandon and I are 13.5 months apart. I know only one other couple besides my parents who have birthed kids 13.5 months apart. And Kelsey and Jay are on track for 13.5 months apart. GREAT! Babies, babies, babies, more hands to hold, yay, yay.)


(And look, Jason managed to take one photo in focus.) Thumbs up.

  • Aww so cute! That family is adorable.

  • AHHHH! what a cutie-patootie!! these photos are just darling. i love young families.

  • Sheez he is cute!