April 12, 2013 In photography, portraits

Kimono Portraits: Yumiko

Nitobe Memorial Garden

One of my favourite things about being a Vancouver wedding photographer is the many, many cultures I experience. I’ve photographed numerous Chinese weddings (almost 50% of my clients are Chinese! I joke that I got this tea ceremony thing downnnn), a couple Korean weddings and a few Indian weddings. Of course, I’ve had Japanese clients before, but they were always western wedding days. I’ve yet to photograph a wedding that represented Japanese culture!

I was really thrilled to hear from Yumiko about a portrait session of her and her mom wearing traditional kimonos. Yumiko is getting married in September, and unfortunately I am not shooting her wedding, but I was so excited to be a small part of her day. Enjoy these photos of the stunning Yumiko!

  • ahhh these are stunning !

  • So beautiful!

  • stunning! she is beautiful, i love the location and lighting in this photos :)

  • Yumiko

    Thank you so much, Jamie! You are truly amazing and oh so talented! You made an awkward girl look good (and comfortable!) You’re a miracle worker! My mom and I are ever so grateful, and we will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives! From the bottom of our hearts, Thank you! x

  • Beautiful!!

  • These are gorgeous!! I LOVE your work! :)

  • Beautiful work, Jamie. You are such an inspiration to the photography community :)