May 27, 2013 In life

Stones into Schools – Book Review

Recently Read by Greg Mortenson

Last week I read Greg Mortenson’s “Stones into Schools,” the follow-up novel to the #1 best-seller “Three Cups of Tea.” I devoured this book. I love being able to experience different cultures through written words. I might not have the opportunity to travel to the Middle East, but reading about the region “takes” me there. Honestly speaking, I feel pretty ignorant when it comes to world events and “big global issues.” I want to learn things about everything. A desire that’s caused me to inhale books every year since kindergarten… but sometimes I don’t know how to approach an interest. Stones into Schools was an awesome introduction to Afghan/Pakistan culture. The book begins where Three Cups of Tea ended in 2003, continuing efforts to establish elementary schools for Afghan girls. Mortenson also details the devastation and relief efforts after the Pakistan earthquake in 2005 and provides colourful narrative about his energetic, dedicated staff throughout the book. I was inspired by the work of Central Asia Institute and the passion behind his team.

Mortenson’s writing is honest. He’s personally sacrificed his time, his money, his health and his family have sacrificed a father/husband, on the many months he was traveling (in dangerous conditions) through Pakistan. Mortenson didn’t dance around these sacrifices but instead wrote about the battle within himself. Caught between a desire to witness his children’s “firsts” (words, steps, spelling bees, winning goals) and a desire to return to the Middle East in order to provide thousands of children with the opportunity for “firsts.”

Nothing worth doing comes easy… and finishing this book further inspired me to spend my life on something worth doing. 5/5

P.S. Also… hi! Happy Monday!

  • Oh, nice! I haven’t read the book, but I met him & heard him speak. So inspiring! :)

  • Micah

    You should look into a book called Kisses For Katie. It’s amazing! It’s about a girl who went to Uganda and started a ministry there for children and also adopted 14 Ugandan girls. I think you would really like it. Her writing is inspiring and her relationship with Jesus is so encouraging!

  • There was a time I appreciated Greg Mortenson and his work but after last year’s hub-bub over what was real and what was fake in his work coupled with the news of mismanagement with his charity, I feel REALLY conflicted about him now. I HATE when that happens with people I admire