July 18, 2013 In photography, portraits

Summer Field Maternity Session

Emily + Lane = Baby

As we were photographing in the most ridiculous, beautiful, California-esque light on Monday night in the prettiest location in Langley (it’s true) I told Emily and Lane, “We ALWAYS find the best weather for our shoots!”

A year and a half ago we had a January snowfall and I captured these portraits. Still some of my favourites. Snow is cool. Then – this January, we didn’t have snow, but we had amazing fog and these two woke up early to model for me. Aren’t these the COOLEST photos?! Now, what I knew during that session, that many people did not yet… is that Emily was pregnant! 6 or 7 weeks… something like that. Sooo, here we go. Emily and Lane 3.0 in the summer sunshine. Isn’t Em the most beautiful thing? 

Can’t wait to meet their baby boy or girl in 6 weeks time!

  • Amelia

    James! These are goooorgeous. And that rainbow flair?! Killer.

  • Kamila

    These are so beautiful!

    As a side, can I mention how great it is to see a maternity session that does not have the hand heart over the belly, or a ribbon for that matter.

  • I am in love with these pictures. Literally. You captured them and her beautiful pregnant self perfectly. Awesome, awesome, *awesome* job, Jamie!
    P.S. Congratulations Emily and Lane! So wonderful that you are welcoming a child into this world!

  • Joelynn

    These are beautiful!!

  • joanne

    Wow I love these photos! Where is this in Langley??