November 29, 2013 In life

Love Jacqueline Custom Stamps: Giveaway

Comment with your favourite season to win!

I’m super excited to announce a fabulous giveaway by Love Jacqueline Designs (that link goes to her etsy store! go look!) – a custom address stamp or the “lovebirds” custom stamp. As a thank you gift Jac sent me my own gorgeous stamp – and a custom card! (P.S. Address is blurred for privacy.) Her packaging is darling and her hand-writing is so cute. Doesn’t surprise me.

To enter to win this giveaway leave a comment on this blog post ranking your favourite seasons, from favourite to least favourite. (ie. Mine are Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring.) Giveaway winner will be chosen on December 5th and announced! ;)

Oh, oh, because Jacqueline is extra gracious, not only is she giving away a stamp she’s also offering ALL of you, 20% off your entire purchase (use code: JAMIEDELAINE) or Free Shipping! (use code: FREE SHIPPING) – but act fast, this offer expires December 30th, 2013!

  • WINTER, FALL, SUMMER, SPRING – thanks Jamie =)

  • Sarah

    Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring!

  • oh how exciting! her stamps are stunning :)

    Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter

  • Liesel

    Wow! What beautiful work! Definitely visiting her store!
    Summer. Spring. Fall. Winter.

  • fun giveaway + beautiful stamp too! SUMMER<FALL<WINTER<SPRING

  • winter, fall, spring, summer!

  • Josephine

    I wanna win this cute stamp! Fave seasons: Spring > Winter > Summer > Fall :)

  • eek! what an awesome giveaway!!
    spring, fall, summer, winter.

  • Erin

    Summer, fall, spring, winter <3

  • Hillary P.

    Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter! :)

  • Sarah Carper

    Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer

  • Kelsey Brewer

    Fall, summer, spring and winter!

  • Fall – gotta love that crisp air and the beautiful colors!

  • Gwen Armbrust

    Love this!
    Fall, Spring, Winter and then Summer

  • LOVE! Fall, summer, winter, spring. :)

  • Roberta

    I love Jacque’s stuff! Such a talented lady.

  • Eilesha

    LOVE the design!!!! Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter <3

  • Desa Stephenson

    Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring :-)

  • Hilary


  • love this! fall.summer.spring. winter.

  • Bailey

    Fall – for the colours
    Spring – for the “new”
    Winter – for hot cocoa and sledding
    Summer – for cannon balls in the lake

  • Sarah

    Winter (it’s my birthday!) –> Spring (cherry blossoms!) –> Summer (sun!) –> Fall (crisp leaves & beautiful colours!)

  • Summer
    :))) Thanks so much for the FAB giveaway Jamie!

  • Fall (oh how I love the colors!), Summer (I love spending time on the lake), Winter (if Christmas lasted all winter, then winter would be my fav), and finally Spring (only because it rains too much in Kentucky)

  • Rebecca

    Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring :) Those stamps are gorgeous!!

  • Jennifer

    So cute! Fav -> Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring

  • Coolest giveaway —> would LOVE this for my business!
    Then maybe Fall, Spring and Winter

  • Same as you, Jamie!
    Fall – the days are warm, the nights are cool, the air is crisp, the leaves are beautiful!
    Summer – who doesn’t love sunshine and a dip in the lake!
    Winter – minus the cold, its BEAUTIFUL. Everything is calm and peaceful.
    Spring – rebirth. It’s a beautiful thing but also kind of yucky and wet. ha.
    Thanks :)

  • winter, fall, summer, spring. <3

    newfoundland is THEE prettiest, but winter is freaking magical.

  • Michelle

    Summer, winter, fall, spring

  • Kim

    Fall, spring, summer, winter.

  • Angela R.

    Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring.

  • Fall, summer, spring & winter!

  • Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring! Yay!

  • So cute!

    Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter.

  • Alanna

    1. Summer
    2. Winter
    3. Fall
    4. Spring


  • alvina

    spring, summer, fall, winter
    thanks jamie!

  • So adorable – love it!! Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter… :)

  • summer, fall, spring, winter
    Thanks Jamie!! (These stamps look awesome!!)

  • Louisa

    Oooh very cute etsy shop!
    My seasons are: Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter
    Thanks Jamie!

  • Anna

    these look amazing!
    Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer

  • Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer!

  • Taylor Ann

    My season order goes: summer, fall, spring, winter
    I love how each season has it’s own special “thing” to it that gets me excited for its arrival :)

  • Emilee

    Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter :)

  • I LOVE it!!!

  • Fall winter summer spring. I love it!!

  • Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter…awesome!

  • fall, spring, summer, winter. such a cute stamp!!

  • Fall, Summer, Winter, Spring! :)

  • Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter! <3

  • I absolutely love summer!! It is definitely my favorite!! Spring would be second, followed by fall, and finally by winter, although I really do love the snow! I’m kind of a fan of all the seasons – but I would much rather enjoy a warm sunny day than a cold or rainy one :)

  • Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall! Love your site Jamie! Congrats! And the stamps are GORGEOUS!

  • I love Autumn first, then Summer followed by Winter and Spring :)
    Wonderful giveaway!

  • Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring – Just what I need to address my wedding invites ;)

  • Griffin Rees

    Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter

  • fall, summer, spring, winter!

  • Bekah Maier

    Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter!

  • Andrea

    summer, fall, spring, winter. Cute stamp!

  • What a generous give away and offer!
    Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer
    Thanks Jamie and “Love Jac”!

  • Auughh, I’ve wanted one of these forever! Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. :)

  • ~ Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter ~

  • Ana

    Oh my goodness, her designs are so beautiful! Love!

    Spring, Fall, Winter, and Summer.

  • Oh how I love Autumn!!!
    Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter.

  • Since we live in S. Florida we only have two season
    Summer and Summerer!

    but if I had to choose between the four, it would be Fall, Spring, Summer, WInter!

    Thanks Jamie and PS congrats on your Engagement (really cute blog post)!

  • Super cute stamp :) Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer!

  • Samantha Lauren

    Summer, fall, spring, winter!

  • That stamp is so cute!!
    My seasons are fall, spring, summer and winter!

  • Summer, fall, spring, winter!

  • Brittany

    Summer, fall, spring, winter

  • Roni Pullen



  • Michelle Gordon



  • fall, spring, winter, summer

    Though every season is absolutely beautiful in the foothills of Northern California!

  • Gabby

    Spring, Fall, Summer, Winter!!

  • Ahhh! LOVE this so much. Custom stamps are my favorite. :) Hmm. Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

  • melissa

    Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter. Actually, i truly do love all the seasons & am always ready for the seasons change when it comes. I sort of made this list up. ;) xo

  • Rachel

    Summer, Winter, Spring, Fall :)

  • Jessi S

    Fall, summer, spring, winter. Yay for giveaways!

  • SUMMER, fall, spring, winter :)

  • tameka

    Fall, spring, summer, winter :)

  • Karina

    Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter

  • Summer. Fall. Winter. Spring.

    My body belongs to the desert!

  • Tana whitmarsh

    Fall!!! Spring winter summer

  • Her shop is gorgeous! I love it!

    My favorite seasons: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer.

  • grace k.

    how awesome!! ;)

    my favorites are in the same order as yours –
    fall, summer, winter and spring!

  • These stamps are lovely! The ranking of seasons, according to me, is fall, summer, spring, winter. I just ADORE the cool, crisp air of fall but I will pass on freezing cold winters.

  • Mine are like this:

    Summer fro me = lobster burns :(

  • Katie

    Summer, Spring, Fall Winter

  • -Brielle-


  • ooh how exciting !

    my favourite seasons would go like this



  • This is such a fun giveaway! Thanks for hosting it :)

    My favourites …
    Autumn, Spring, Winter, Summer :)

  • Julianna

    summer, fall, spring, winter. :)

  • maria

    Summer, spring, fall, winter

  • Karen M.

    Tough to choose a favorite season – there’s beauty in all of them…but I’ll say summer, fall, winter, spring.

  • Teresa

    That stamp is gorgeous! My favorite seasons are fall, winter, spring, summer.

  • How exciting! I absolutely adore her stamps :)

    My favorite seasons are winter, fall, spring then summer.

    Congrats to whoever the winner will be!

  • Fall, Winter, Spring Summer. But really they’re all great.

  • Christina

    I like Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

  • Resi

    This is really hard – I can find something beautiful in every season! But here we go: Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall… and really, any other way around would be find with me too ;) haha.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I would very much like that custom made stamp since it would gracefully finish off all the letters I send to friends and family all over the globe. This would be perfect for a handwritten letter-lover like me :)


    But seriously:

  • Ungria Stell

    Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter

    How cute!