November 27, 2013 In engagements, life

Our Proposal Video

Filmed by Hello Tomorrow Wedding Films

Wowzers, I truly don’t think the reality of what happened Saturday has sunk in yet. After Randy and I got engaged, we came home to my parents and a few of their friends. When everyone had gone home, Randy and I stayed up until eleven talking with my mom with more details about his proposal. Sunday morning, Randy came over for breakfast and although I didn’t want to “rush” into wedding planning – when you have two mega-planners like us, it just kinda happens. We talked about all my ideas and I showed him photos of my vision. We went to church and out for lunch by ourselves and afterwards, stopped by a thrift store to pick up a few vases. (So it begins! Randy is the best. He’s so supportive.) In the afternoon, we ended up wedding planning and scheming (“What building materials will I need for every single project? We should make a weekly task list.” -See, Randy is perfect for me) allllll afternoon and evening.

This week is (inconveniently) also the week Randy and his roommate move into a new basement suite. It needed cleaning and painting, so, our Monday and Tuesday looked like Randy working 10-hour days, me working 2 hours, wedding planning for 6 — and painting the basement from 5PM to 1AM. (I went home at 10PM. I don’t do 1AM.) BOTH nights. BUT, it’s done! Thursday to Saturday we’re packing and moving Randy’s furniture and cleaning out his old place. I’m also hoping to nail down a few huge wedding tasks by the end of week. Including booking our venue and confirming our date (hopefully know by tomorrow!), our photographer (known who for a while!), wedding colours (need to order some decor materials that will help me decide!), designing our invitations (oh my gosh, this takes soooo many hours! ideas! scheming! browsing fonts! ah!), buying a couple new things to wear for our engagement photos on TUESDAY (which, by the way, is supposed to be below freezing) and finish my bridesmaid invite cards. I’ve also bought a domain name for us, purchased a wedding website and working on that – and we also need to decide where we are registering! And then register! (All this stuff needs to go on the invitations.) Sunday my mom is throwing an engagement party for us and Monday, I am wedding dress shopping! Phewf!

The absolute craziness of the last three days (so many things to do, so many thoughts to think, so many brainstorms to organize) has made me appreciate and respect Randy even more. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this with another guy. Thankful for him – and the team we make together – through all the craziness. (P.S. After the next week, I don’t expect things to stay at this level of crazy. This is all time-sensitive stuff that we need to get outta the way with a short engagement. I plan to enjoy every day!)

P.S. Maclean and Erin of Hello Tomorrow were there on Saturday night to capture our proposal. I love this video. They are so talented and I’m glad to call them friends. Randy and I both laughed at ourselves when we watched the video. I was so, so, so shocked and almost numb – while he was shaking life a leaf, giggling and couldn’t form words. Cutie. (ALSO – they are filming our wedding!)

  • you two are the cutest. so so happy for you! :)

  • OMG!!!!! so wonderful!

  • How awesome that you have this captured on video! I loved watching it:) Congrats again!!! Can’t wait to hear who your photographer is!

  • SO excited for you Jamie!! Congratulations!!

  • alexxus hall

    so happy and excited for you, girl!!!

  • Congratulations Jamie & Randy.

  • Congratulations!! I loved watching this. You seem very happy together and I wish you all the blessings in the world.
    P.S. My husband’s name is Randy too <3 God makes great men with that name, huh? LOL

  • You two are so stinking cute!! Stop making me cry all the time!

  • Loved the video!! You two are adorable :) SUPER excited for you both!!!

  • You guys are so perfect for each other and I am so excited for this journey that God has planned for you!

  • Girl, you are on fiiiiiiiiiire!!!! That’s a lot to have done already, impressive!! Can’t WAIT to see how this all unfolds, I’m sure that as a photographer, you have inspiration coming out of your pores haha.

  • Congratulations! So happy for you both. And I love that you are both so organized. LOL. Hope you have more wedding updates. Would love to see what you all plan. You have such fabulous taste!

    “See, Randy is perfect for me”. Love this.

  • you’re so adorable when you’re excited ! :)

  • Love it!

  • dee

    Awww, that was an adorable video!

  • -Brielle-

    This is such a sweet video! I love how you are absolutely in shock, you guys are so cute! I cannot wait to see your wedding photos!!!

  • OOOOO :] congratulations are definitely in order. Jamie, you are so beautiful inside and out. I have been following your blog for several years now and couldn’t wait for the moment when you’d find the love you deserve. You have always answered any questions that Ive had with my photography and you’ve helped me grow by me looking at your great work. I am eager to watch how God unfolds your rose. Love, Cynthia.