December 27, 2013 In engagements, photography

Campground Proposal

Jaimee and James are getting married!

Jaimee and I have known each other for a few years through church. We became closer friends about a year ago through two different February day trips to Seattle that Randy organized and planned. (Before we were dating, look-ee at that!) Throughout the year, we’ve had a lot of hangouts and have been able to connect even more recently which has been incredible. Jaimee started dating another friend of mine, James, in August. James and I also met through church, however a couple years ago he moved from Langley to Calgary and works at a church there. These two have been dating long-distance since August and have been back and forth between Calgary and Langley.

A month ago, Jaimee decided to move to Calgary to be closer to James. They made their plans, she found a new place to live and started job-hunting. The date to move was set to December 27th – after they’d both spend Christmas with their families in Langley. We hung out with James and Jaimee last weekend and on Sunday morning, James left me a voicemail. “I’m planning on proposing tomorrow night… any chance you could capture that?” ;) Randy and I were on it – and late Monday night, we were parked outside the Fort Langley campground ready for James’ text. “She said yes!” And with that, we drove into the campground and captured the beautiful set-up James had prepared.

It was gorgeous. James, you killed it. Loved the lights, the vintage trailer, the ring – and love the girl. Looking forward to being there to celebrate with you guys on your wedding day!

P.S. Jaimee moved to Calgary TODAY. Happy move! Happy engagement! :)


  • Brielle

    So excited for them!

  • Almost cried reading and seeing these pics way to go guys and nice job James on the setup! So excited for you guys!

  • Beautiful!!! That guy did an awesome job setting up. It looks so cute.

  • Rebecca

    My dream setting !!!