February 19, 2014 In life

5 Weeks & 2 Days

Marriage, Moving & Maiden Name

Whenever I try to write lately, I am easily frustrated. It’s as if this season is too “full” with change for me to stop and reflect, stop and write about what the last few months have held just yet. We’re getting married in 5 weeks and 2 days. I’m moving out of my parent’s house in 5 weeks and 2 days. My last name changes in 5 weeks and 2 days. I have to pack for a 10 day trip in 5 weeks and 2 days. And… ALL of our clothes have to fit in one bedroom closet in 5 weeks and 2 days.

I had a friend’s dad ask me the other day, “So! I heard you’re getting married. You ready?” “Um… I think so.” “You THINK so? Well, that doesn’t sound very assuring. Most young people say ‘yes sir, I am.'” “How can anybody say YES so assuredly? I don’t know what marriage holds.” He nods. “Maybe that means I’m less naive?” “Good point. Maybe so, maybe so.”

What a crazy thing, that marriage.

I’m looking forward to all the next 5 weeks and 2 days holds. Two more showers (They are the best! I had one this weekend! Wow, so fun) and then wedding week festivities: everyone coming in from out of town, the venue set-up the day before, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner & of course, the wedding! Gift opening the next day at my parents’ place and then the next day, Hawaii. Back home to set up our house, put all our gifts in their place, jam our clothes into the closet and start this crazy adventure called marriage together.

I went through my phone to give you all a little recap of my life lately. My maid of honour Kristen’s mom passed away a few weeks ago. It was more sudden then they expected – and I immediately booked a flight. I was so thankful for the opportunity to be there with the Snyder family and celebrate Suzanne at her funeral. A memory that will certainly stay with me for the rest of my life.

3. Randy added me to his credit card. Lookeee at my name! Crazy.
4. I’ve had a couple client meetings lately. They are also fun.

5. Randy is the best. We spent one whole Saturday filming a video project for our wedding reception. This was our makeshift tripod. It was really fun. I love him. 6. Wedding sneak peek! A gorgeous backdrop Randy built (unstained in this photo!) 7. This is what I have looked like for the last 3 Saturdays of wedding tasks. Nice yoga pants with Randy’s painting hoodie hey? And the face, don’t forget the face. 8. You’ll have to wait and see what this is! 9. Same goes for this. (Well, obviously it’s a chair.) 10. Candy bags!

11. One Sunday afternoon after church, we drove to Vancouver and met Randy’s brother for lunch at Cafe Medina. (His brother lives in Vancouver, his other family is on Vancouver Island.) It was an hour wait (apparently that place is notorious for being packed! And no room to wait inside so you really gotta like the cold) but… 12. Wooooah the coffee was worth it. Seriously.

13. Our new coffee cart/bar in our basement! 14. Adventures with Katie trying to fit it in my car!

15. Thai curry with Randy at home. 16. Our first “meal” (lunch in between errands and painting) at our basement together.

17. Dog-sitting while my parents were in Hawaii. Look at that face. Why are you on the pillow. 18. Riley chilling with Randy while he ate.

19. I’ve been really trying to get better with meal planning. It’s one of those things I don’t have time to “learn” in this season, but last week I had a 3 day stretch where I meal-planned every meal and had everything in the fridge. Boom! Randy’s pizza. 20. My gluten free pizza (Crust from Trader Joe’s.)

21. Another meal: roasted lemon chicken with carrots and potatoes and spinach salad. 22. My almost husband.

P.S. In the recipe above, I used 12 chicken thighs and a ton of carrots/potatoes (or so I thought.) When we finished the meal to pack it into tupperware there were only 3 chicken thighs left. “RANDY! We ate 9 thighs! There are 2 of us! What would we do if we had 6 people for dinner? Buy 36 thighs?!  Oh my gosh. We are going to get fat. This is how newlyweds get fat.” “We’d just eat less if we had people over.” “Well, we need to pretend we have people over and stop eating so much oh my gosh.”

Happy Wednesday! ;)

  • Jamie, I just love seeing this new chapter of your life and you getting so domestic. warms my heart. all the best of your soon to be marriage :)

  • SO excited for you in this season of life you’re embarking upon — it’s SUCH a rush! Can’t wait for wedding details and pictures and all that is to come!

    PS – And I was SO sorry to hear about your friend’s mom — I’ve been following her on Instagram through you and my heart ached at the news. But oohhh those glorious pink sunrises she’s been sharing. Incredible.

  • Saad

    I love how you pen down your daily activities, write before your “big day”. Since you are one of my favorites photographer, I wonder who is going to be a photographer at your wedding. Hope you’ll post your wedding pics and videos too. Wish you both good luck :)

  • They also get fat when they have a baby in the first ten months.

    (I love this. I wish it were sooner because I’m so excited. But the pace is probably perfect for you so I don’t wish it was sooner.)

  • I love all of this. But mostly the dialogue at the end ;)

  • I noticed your blog had been quiet lately. ;) Good to hear that things are coming along in the wedding planning department. I can’t believe how quickly you two have moved on this marriage thing, lol. My husband + I were engaged for 1.5 years! Keep going and keep smiling!