May 23, 2014 In photography, portraits

Spring Portraits [The Mini-Sessions]

Pettie Family

I’m excited to share a little family session with you today. (“Little” meaning we had 30 minutes to shoot as part of my spring mini-sessions last month, not “little” as in the number of people in their family… as you can see from the photographs!) When Rachel, the mom of all of these beautiful children, emailed me interested in booking a time slot and I heard “5 kids” my first thought was, “That’s a lot to handle in 30 minutes, so no promises here but I’ll try my best!” These seven were a blast. I loved the kids outfits and how well they worked together during the session. The boys were boys, running every which way, making silly faces and I love boys. Annabelle, the oldest of five and the only girl, has her work cut out for her. ;)

Rachel and her husband Scott have been married almost fifteen years. A couple of years ago just when they thought their family was happy and “complete” with three children a surprise came along – two surprises, twins, at that! Their family of five grew to seven overnight. I’m sure they can’t imagine their life any other way now, I adored watching those little boys prancing around – they’ll be the best of friends in years to come.

“Let’s put this blanket down here for a” aaaand the boys doggy-piled before I finished my sentence. I didn’t mind. ;)

If you’re interested in a family session with Jamie Delaine, please email for more information. Sessions are $600 and include one hour of shooting and high-resolution files. Available for sessions from Vancouver all the way out to Chilliwack – and select cities on Vancouver Island. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

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  • Beautiful photos, Jamie! You just keep getting better! What a happy little family. Looks like a fun time!:)