I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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May 29, 2014


I am blogging today from the “Queen of Coquitlam” boat (Hashtag BCFerries) en route to Nanaimo to pick up my husband in Qualicum where he’s been working all week, and drive north Island to Courtenay. In the midst of three very busy work weeks for my hard-working man we were thrilled when his crew finished their Island job Wednesday evening. The rest of the men are headed back to the Mainland to work, but he was able to stay behind. I cleared my Thursday/Friday schedule as best as I could (the original plan was to ferry over Friday afternoon!) and here I am, on the 12:50pm boat to see him a day earlier. This is good news. A three and a half day weekend together visiting his mom and friends in his small hometown I love so much.

In his absence, I’ve been staying busy, searching tirelessly online for a new vehicle. We decided it was time for an upgrade. I’ve had a great car for the last few years but it’s a “student” vehicle. I wanted a young, modern, professional, fun vehicle that would represent my business better! Just when my eyes were sick and tired of filling with tears and I was ready to pull my hair out and quit and stay happy with my little navy blue car (Yes, I can be that dramatic… PLUS MY HUSBAND WAS OUT OF TOWN, this is a dramatic thing) we found the perfect one. My parents graciously helped me navigate the car searching process and boom, this new baby is mine, mine, mine. If you’d like to have my old baby (errr, old car? I don’t like the phrase “old baby”), you should click this Craiglist link. And email me.

Second piece of exciting news: I’VE STARTED USING OUR PUBLIC LIBRARY. I pay taxes. I need to smarten up and use some of our free resources. Soooo! I have a library card in my new name. I know how to work the online catalogue. I can reserve whatever books I want, across the whole Fraser Valley and have them shipped to the library five blocks from our home. Turns out, within my citizen rights (because I pay taxes) is the right to freely overcommit to the amount of books I want! I am in a self-imposed predicament. I must read all of these books before the due date because Heaven forbid I would have to give them back and then wait for them to become available again. Read when you wake, read when you brush your teeth, read when you eat, read when your parents drive you around town looking for a new vehicle, read when you wait at the doctor.

It’s been working out well for me.

P.S. I started a new instagram hashtag to chronicle my reads. If you’re reading my blog you probably like words which means you like books which means you’d like that hashtag. So go to #jamiedelainereads.

Third piece of news (When did I start ordering my blog posts like this? New thing?) is our wedding is featured today on Green Wedding Shoes! (To be honest, this was the reason I started typing twenty minutes ago. “Oh! I should tell my readers our wedding is on Green Wedding Shoes!” and it turned into “Oh! I should tell them all these other things!“) To see the full post, click here. You can see all the vendors involved in our wedding as well as some DIY tips! (Not that we’re the experts. Holy cow, I still have yet to blog my major Pinterest fail during our planning process. I laughed so hard. I can’t wait to share it.)

Fourth news. Thanks. For all of the comments/emails about my first instalment of Forge. I love to write and I’m confident enough to know people won’t hate a new blog post but somehow I rarely think readers will love a new one. So thank you. You’re nice.



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