August 25, 2014 In life

Wedding Weekend Adventures

In the midst of complete craziness this August (7 weddings to shoot, moving homes) Randy and I have managed to squeeze in a lot of fun, as well. We knew it would be our “busiest” month on the books and we were determined to make the best of the situation and the crazy double-header wedding weekends. I’m so thankful for a husband who supports my work and loves what I do.

My husband is originally from Vancouver Island (in fact, he’s only been on the Mainland now for 2 years) and we love to go “home” to visit his Mom and friends at least 2-3x a year. We were so excited when a wedding invitation corresponded with both of our crazy work schedules. Seriously, though, what are the chances of shooting seven and being invited to one and actually being able to attend that one? On Friday, we celebrated with our friends Sarah and Kyle in Courtenay. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony right near the ocean and a backyard reception at a beautiful acreage.

Saturday, we spent some quality time with a handful of friends – it’s always a packed trip of “fit all important people into two days.” We met a friend for Starbucks before a family portrait session. By the way, I was super excited to shoot again in Courtenay. We’re over there fairly often, so don’t hesitate to ask when we’re coming next! I’ll photograph anywhere North Vancouver Island. After a wonderful shoot with the Taylor family, we hung out at Brent and Carlee’s house for the afternoon. In the evening, we were able to rest and relax at Mark and Kim’s house and laugh until late evening.

Sunday morning was the full day! We had a 5:30am wakeup alarm to get packed, showered and ready for a wedding day. We caught an 8:30am ferry to make it back to Vancouver by 11am, have lunch and start coverage of Sarah and Abdul’s wedding by 1pm. It was a beautiful day with a timeline I love (First Look before Ceremony!) and a venue I love: Brix Restaurant.

It was a wonderful, full, weekend. Now it’s back to house cleaning and photo editing and cooking and unpacking and laundry and all that fun “after a trip” stuff. Have a great Monday! I’ll be back this week with a gorgeous wedding to enjoy.