October 27, 2014 In engagements, photography

Crescent Beach Engagement Photos

Lauren and Jeff are getting married!

Lauren and Jeff met almost fifteen years ago… when they were only twelve years old. Jeff was in Kelowna for a baseball tournament and Lauren was with her family watching her brother play baseball on the same team. The team went to the beach for the day and Lauren and Jeff said “hello!” for the first time. The next year, Jeff and Lauren attended high school together and became good friends. Good friends who always dated other people, mind you – and even went on double dates! After high school graduation, Jeff went to Kansas to play baseball on a University scholarship and Lauren went to Victoria to study.

Five years later, Lauren and Jeff’s paths reconnected when Lauren’s brother ended up on an airplane back from Kansas with Jeff. Although it took them a decade or so… Lauren and Jeff stopped dating other people and decided to date each other. Haha! Close to one year ago, Jeff and Lauren were blessed with the arrival of their first baby, Maëlle. (Who happens to share a birthday with my husband… add that to the list of facts you didn’t really need to know.)

They are planning a relaxed, country-feel wedding in Meritt, BC on Lauren’s family’s ranch next August and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I loved meeting Lauren and Jeff for the first time at Crescent Beach last week and exploring the area. The best thing about this location is the two drastic background differences you can get, only a two minute drive apart! Thanks for braving the rain with me, you two!