November 5, 2008 In photography, weddings

Angela + Darren : Vancouver Wedding

Oh oh oh oh oh! That’s the only way I can think to start this blog post. This was just the most amazing day for more reasons than one. First off, it was a big ol’ family affair for Jamie Delaine. November 1st was the wedding of my beautiful cousin Angela to her fiance Darren. To make it even greater, the day’s festivities took place in the church I grew up in! I have probably known more than half of the day’s 200 guests for more than ten years, and was related in some way or another to a quarter of them. Hah! I am still just so honored that Angie, who is a photographer herself, chose me to do the photography for her and Darren’s day. Angie is a huge fan of Autumn, and the day didn’t disappoint. We were just all so, so blessed on Saturday–first of all, the forecast totally, completely called for rain and seen as I’ve yet to had a rainy wedding day, I thought (as I have before!) oh no, here goes! But, the whole family was a-prayin’ and the morning was absolutely beautiful. We photographed portraits before the ceremony and the rain started to come down about ten minutes after we went into the church. So awesome. :)

Don’t you just love this shoe shot? The pattern behind is actually two funky lampshades side-by-side.

Oh her dress was sooo stunning; she found absolutely everything she wanted!

These flowers were so fitting with the Autumn day.

The photo on the left is one of my favourites; it was such a true reaction from Angie’s dad the first time he saw her in her dress.

The back of her dress was my favourite.

Angela and Darren chose to have a “First Look” and do all the photos before the ceremony–which always makes the day go sooooo much smoother! She was so excited and so was Darren; adorable to capture.

This photo makes me laugh! Darren gave Angela this pellet gun for her Christmas gift last year. The whole reception was full of Redneck jokes, because Darren is pretty much a self-proclaimed one. Ang totally reminds me a movie poster in this pose. Ha!
Angela and I both spotted this tree at the exact same time and knew we needed to use it. I love the orange leaves!

Doesn’t she look like a stinkin’ model? Ridiculous.

Haha! The whole park was really, really soggy and wet from the non-stop rain the day before, so Angela was very prepared with these very attractive boots under her dress.

I loved all the lights Angela had hung behind the stage during the ceremony; it was gorgeous for photos. I also looooove this shot; at almost every single wedding my favourite image is the recessional photo of the couple.

Watch the slideshow by clicking here! The song is “I’m Yours” by Carolyn Dawn Johnson. I thought I’d go with the family theme, as she also happens to be my second cousin…but on a different side. ;)

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  • Lesley

    Sooo, does that mean you’re related to Kendra Powers as well?

  • Amanda Suanne

    beautiful job Jamie!

  • Dennis Bullock

    Wow what a great day Jamie. You did an awesome job!

  • Lydia

    Their’s were one of my favorite engagement shoots! Great idea for the shoe shot! Love #13!!

  • Cristi

    just got caught up on your blog :) beautiful images! it makes me want to live some place where there is an autumn (i live in arizona).

  • Michaela

    I love the one where, what I assume is, her dad walks in and see her. What a great moment to capture!

  • Anonymous

    Jamie Awesoome Job Love the Gun Picture, such an A momment Thank You so Much for all your help during the day

  • Armin DeFiesta

    That pellet gun image got me rollin’ LOL! Angie is beautiful, great shots!

  • Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    ummmmmmmmmm……OK I seriously thought the pellet gun was a shotgun when I first saw it. Sorta freaked me out, but I’m getting a good laugh out of it now! :-)