November 13, 2008 In photography

Lyla Veinot Designs

My Auntie Lyla is my only “blood” Aunt–she is my Dad’s only living sister (the only one I’ve ever met) and my mom doesn’t have any sisters. I have two beautiful aunts through the women my Mom’s brothers married, but it’s neat having an Aunt I am truly related to. My Aunt Lyla is my second mom. Her and her husband Steve were married in 2000 and I was a Jr. Bridesmaid (10 years old!) at their September wedding. My family always jokes about what it means to be a “Peterson” (My Dad’s side of the family). There are a lot of very unfortunate traits: inability to sit still, overanalyzing everything, wanting everything to be perfect all the time, refusing help from others, getting audibly frustrated, blowing off steam and ranting to those around us (which can end in crying for us female Peterson’s). Those are the general Peterson traits, but the characteristics Lyla and I share are SO much more. My Mom, Lois, and Lyla are best of friends, which is super cool. I want a friendship or friendships as cool as they have with my future sister-in-law(s). They actually lived together in an apartment while my Dad and Mom were engaged. Lyla and my Mom are complete opposites, which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as Mom and I are opposites and Lyla and I are the same!

Lyla and I will get up and organize something in your house while we’re talking to you, we will pull out the crossword section from the newspaper at the dinner table to keep our hands and minds occupied while we are having a conversation, we both love interior design, we both read like crazy and like most of the same kinds of books, we share similar music taste (she recently introduced me to Adele, and I have introduced her to Duffy. Lyla is also a very loyal blog comment and I’m sure you’ll see her comments on at least half of all of my posts. I have two very huge blog-supporters in my Mom and her!

A few years ago, Lyla decided to pursue her dream of becoming an interior decorater: something she has loved for so long! She hopes to leave her office job behind in the near future and focus on interior decorating full-time. There is no question she has beautiful taste. Last week, I went to her house to take photos of her designs–isn’t her house immaculate? She always says it’s in a mess, but it never is. ;) I always joke that I am going to have the “dream wedding team” in a few…5…10? years. I have my Mom, who is a fabulously creative organizer and then there is Lyla, who has a very sophisticated and upscale taste (I think my Dad is afraid of the upscale part.) I also have my two beautiful friends Joanne (who also has a ridiculous beautiful eye for decorating) and her daughter Shawna who is just so creative in everything she does it hurts. Back to Lyla’s house…

Her main family room, sitting area.

Their adorable powder room–feels very French, non? :) The painting is of the parliament buildings in Prince Edward Island (MOST beautiful place! Can’t wait to get back there someday) was a gift from Steve’s parents, who are P.E.I natives.

The living room where we have spent many a Christmas Eves.


I love her little vignettes all over the house.


Steve and Lyla’s dining room.

Ohhhhhh k. Just my favourite by a long-shot. Steve and Lyla have been renovating both upstairs’ bathrooms over the past few weeks and their guest bathroom was recently finished. Isn’t it GORGEOUS? Lyla knew I would love it because I love style like this. Wow.


The Guest bedroom they recently made over as well; a fresh coat of paint and bedding and this room has such a clean, vintage sort of feel.


I have to say that I just really really love that shot on the right here. I do. I mean, it’s Lyla who decorated it, but I just really like the shot. That dresser is…I think 60 years old? My Dad had it in his room or something when he was a boy? Then I think the story was his nephew painted it white to have in his room and Lyla has been chipping away at it to restore it to it’s original colour.

The Master Bedroom. Funky hey?

& Then some new portraits of the lady herself.

Thanks Lyla! It was a fun morning. :) Always appreciate the tea: hah!


  • wrecklessgirl

    gorgeous interiors!!! i would say more, but i have to jet! off to another adventure :)

  • Lydia

    What a beautiful house! I’m going to have to show these pictures to my sister who is studying interior design. I don’t think you’ll have to wait long to quit your office job, Lyla!

  • Rachael Lea Oerther

    These rooms are gorgeous! its obvious she can do just about any style and pull it off. amazing photos and amazing interiors. Two very talented women.

  • Jackie

    I have the same dining room lamp…and I have similiar plans for my baths…they are SO boring right now! Clean & fresh colors w/tiled walls definitely. I just got into my first place in August and things are finally coming together…but plenty of plans to fill out still! I’m surprised at how girly it has evolved into..

  • Karen (Mikols) Bonar

    I DIG that bathroom wallpaper! And even have that shelf in our guest bathroom

  • Anonymous

    Awwwww lovey – you’re amazing! You made our house look gorgeous! Such an eye! Thanks so much for doing this – we love you for it. I’m so proud of my “almost” daughter. Love ya, Lyles

  • leah stafford

    Now that is a bathroom after my own heart! Gorgeous!