May 6, 2015 In photography, weddings

Stanley Park Elopement Photos

Vanessa and Juan: May 2, 2015

On Thursday morning, I got a wedding inquiry via email from a bride named Vanessa. The date? “May 2nd. Like Saturday.” Her and her fiancé Juan had decided to elope and Stanley Park was the location of choice! They were having a small ceremony, just an officiant, two witnesses and a photographer. That afternoon, I was attending a friend’s wedding an hour away as a guest… but I told Vanessa, “I want to make this work! Can you hold the ceremony at 11am?” And she said, “Sure!”

I love the opportunity to be a part of small wedding days and although I’ve photographed elopements in the past, Vanessa and Juan’s was the smallest to date! Happy marriage, you two – I hope you’re having an incredible time this week in Paris.