June 8, 2016 In engagements, photography

Buntzen Lake Engagement Photos

Vicki and Dusty are getting married!

Vicki and Dusty met over nine years ago while attending the University of Regina in Saskatchewan! They had two mutual friends and found themselves in the same circles quite a bit – before long, they realized their attraction to one another was mutual and they started dating in March of 2009.

A couple years into their relationship, Dusty was offered a position on the SFU Football team in Burnaby. Vicki thought, I’ll apply to school, too, and see what happens! She was accepted and followed Dusty to BC. Fast forward a handful of years… and a couple days after their 9th dating anniversary, Dusty proposed! Vicki and Dusty are planning a destination wedding in 2017… but I was so excited when Vicki emailed to ask about engagement photos! She’s been following my work for years and I was honoured to be able to capture these for them!

How pretty is all this green and moss and the summer light?! Perfect!

A quick change of outfit and we were down at the Buntzen Lake dock to catch the last bit of the fading sunlight…

  • Brittany

    Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!