January 9, 2017 In photography, weddings

Best of Wedding Rings

I love the symbolism of a bride and groom’s weddings rings–the tangible reminder of your marriage on your hand every day of your life. My rings have only become more loved and special to me since I received them 3 years ago! For that reason, I love to capture the bride and groom’s wedding rings on every wedding day. Enjoy this collection of my favourite ring shots from the 2016 season!

P.S. Just because I wanted to make this post a bit more interesting, here’s a sweet post from Tina, from my December 30th wedding. Tina shared her blog post link on Facebook with this text:

“My obsession with weddings and events started sooo long ago. It didn’t take me long to find Jamie Delaine‘s blog and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. It was such a dream for her to photograph us on our special day. It was hard not to stare in awe at her quick actions and professionalism, and remember to keep smiling!! Thank you so much for capturing us!”