March 24, 2017 In engagements, photography

Stanley Park Engagement Photos

Angel and Gary are getting married!

Angel and Gary met via introduction from Angel’s cousin Carmen (and past bride from a few years ago!) during a summer fireworks show on English Bay in Vancouver. The two talked a little bit that evening, but didn’t click right away. Over the next few months, their groups of friends overlapped and Angel and Gary would see each other at different hangouts. Six months later, Gary officially asked Angel to be his girlfriend, although everyone in their friend group knew they were an item already! 

Nearly nine years has passed and Angel and Gary are getting married this July at Mayfair Lakes Golf Course. I’m looking forward to their day! A few nights ago, we met in Stanley Park for their engagement photos. We had been planning their mid-March session with the iconic Vancouver cherry blossoms in mind… but with the crazy snow/freeze this winter, the season is late. Despite the bare trees, we got lucky with a unique mix of overcast and bright summer-looking sunset in Stanley Park. Seriously, weird weather, but in the end – it worked out for us!

I love this view in Stanley Park. Although we had some low-hanging clouds shielding the mountains from view, the bridge is still pretty!

Outfit change into a more formal look and stepping onto Third Beach at sunset. Pretty ideal location! The light was craaaazy bright!