April 28, 2017 In photography, portraits

Langley Family Photos

I was so happy to photograph one of the coolest families this week in support of The School Sessions. They graciously donated 100% of their session fee to the project in exchange for a family photo session with me! I met Stephanie and her then-fiance Brenden (they had been engaged a couple weeks!) when we were seated together at a wedding as guests! The four of us hit it off really well. Then, we discovered we went to the same church and saw them the very next day. (In a church of 3000 people, at the time, that was pretty impressive.)

I met Sam, Steph’s sister, when Brenden and Steph started attending our community group on Wednesday nights and invited Sam and Jer! It’s been nearly 3 years that both couples have been in our group and it’s been wonderful to get to know their whole family better. They have a younger sister, Nat, and their parents are Cindy and Mike. I’ve so enjoyed seeing them over the last few years and loved taking these photos, too! Enjoy!  

At every family session where ‘couples’ are present, I like to take a few photographs of each couple individually. Sam and Jer got sunshine because they were 15 minutes early to the session, like me, so we used our time well. Haha.

I love this one.

When the rest of the family showed up, we started with photos of Cindy and Mike! 

The whole group together!

This is Brenden and Stephanie! It was Stephanie’s birthday when we took these photos on Wednesday, too. :)

These guys are coming up on their 2nd anniversary in a few months.

I don’t know another trio of sisters that looks this much alike.

Nat! Who’s graduating university this week! 

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a great weekend!

  • Joanne Laurino

    Love the pics!! Such a beautiful family!! ❤