May 12, 2017 In engagements, photography

Queen Elizabeth Park Engagement Photos

Renata and Marc are getting married!

About five years ago, Renata moved from Brazil to Vancouver to attend Law School. Only two months after arriving in the city, she went out with a friend to celebrate a birthday! Being new to the area, they didn’t know which clubs were the ones to visit, but they ended up at a place called Joe’s Apartment.

The same night, Marc was on Granville Street with a group of his friends! They stopped into the bar and stayed for a while. When the boys were almost ready to call it a night, Renata caught Marc’s eye. He noticed her sitting with friends, and Marc says “to this day I don’t know what made me do it…” but he walked over.


The two started talking at the table, and stayed, even when all their friends went back out onto the dance floor. When the night wrapped up, Marc asked for Renata’s number! It took a few weeks of messaging for Renata to be convinced to give Marc a chance at a first date, but eventually, she did. Within a month or two, the pair were dating. Two years later, they got engaged.


Renata and Marc have had a crazy journey with both of their schooling! Renata recently became an lawyer! And Marc is in his final year of medical school. For the last year, they lived four hours a part and one of them drove every single weekend to visit the other. As of a few months ago, they are back in Vancouver, together.

I loved meeting Renata + Marc quickly over FaceTime to book their wedding back in February, but it was so nice to connect in person at their session! I loved incorporating flowers at Queen Elizabeth Park into the session for Renata. All the best to you guys until the wedding day! See you soon!


  • Dayan Govender

    Awesome couple – love her figure!