June 14, 2017 In photography, portraits

Crescent Beach Photos

Hollie and Marc: Anniversary Session

We met our friends Hollie and Marc nearly three years ago, when they came to the first week of our community group. (Community groups are small groups of people who meet in homes every week around the city from our church!)

My first impression of Hollie and Marc was that they were a quieter couple, which is funny to me now. Because Hollie is actually quite outgoing, and Marc is only serious about 10 minutes a day… the other 15 hours and 50 minutes he’s making jokes under his breath.  We appreciate their friendship and we always love hanging out with these two. Hollie is becoming a closer friend of mine every year and I’m so thankful for her!

In May, Hollie and Marc had their 3rd wedding anniversary and I wanted to celebrate them with anniversary portraits. We found the most beauuutiful locations and I loved coaching these two in front of the camera. I think we created something pretty nice. :) Enjoy!