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wedding: christi & gideon

a little less than two years ago i went to the annual wppi conference in las vegas. i was eighteen years old, a few months out of high school, trying to figure out this massive photography industry. through my friend sarah, i heard of a group of young girls (aged seventeen to twenty) who were looking for another roommate & also coming to wppi for the first time that year. christi ann was one of these girls. it was such an incredible week because the other girls we stayed with were as follows: abigail smith, kristen leigh, cait butt. all friends of mine across the continent to this day.

christi and i have stayed in touch since that first meeting; she even flew out to vancouver last year and visited me for a long weekend and i have been to raleigh to visit her and cait once before. christi had told me a lot about her wonderful boyfriend, gideon & how they had been dating for years. well… unofficially since she was fifteen. officially since she turned eighteen. ;) this past spring, gideon and christi were engaged and she began planning an october wedding. i flew out this past weekend with leanne to shoot her and gideon’s wedding & it was a wonderful, wonderful, laugh-filled time.

this weekend was a very different experience for me… photographing a friend’s wedding. leanne & i stayed at christi’s house the night before the wedding and we got to attend the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner and stay up talking late at night with the bride. ;) not a regular occurrence. christi + gideon were absolutely adorable at their rehearsal dinner–they stood in front of about fifty family and friends and pretty much simultaneously began to cry together. i love emotion. i think it’s beautiful. it’s been a long five years of growing up together. breaking up and making up. no one claims young relationships + young marriages are easy but i know God has his incredible hand of blessing upon these two as they walk into their future as husband & wife. christi, i love you so much! so delighted to see you finally married and lovin’ it. may you two have a marriage full of love shared, growth experienced & lessons learned. and to everyone who showed us good ol’ southern hospitality, thank you. you have no idea how loved we felt! enjoy the photos.


to see more of christi+gideon’s wedding CLICK HERE for a slideshow!
p.s. it’s to a cute, cute, cute song called “in love at nineteen” by mark mathis. because… christi is in love at nineteen. ;)

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  • Wow these are amazing, Jamie! They must be over the moon with the pics!!! I love the house shots and the Fall details.

  • Jamie, these are just precious. LOVE the fall theme also!

  • There is so much love in these photos, amazing!

  • jamie!! these are wonderful. you did such a great job capturing these people i love. thanks.

  • Teresa

    Jamie, you did an amazing job. Love the pics. It was a beautiful fall day!!! Thanks again for shooting Christi’s wedding. We love them.

  • Jamie, this is officially my favourite wedding you’ve shot. I think the 4th shot and the one of the little girl opening the double doors are my favourite photos.Well done!

  • Shannon

    Great photos. Am I the only one who giggling about the brick shot where it’s framed so the words on the left get cut off so it looks like it says ‘ass lamps. more!!!’?

  • Rachel Clarke

    OK, funny story. I was lookin at one of Kristen’s old archives my little sister had open, and it happened to be a recap of sorts of that WPPI trip you guys had a few years back. And I was scrolling down and saw the names of people you guys were with I saw Christi’s and thought "Kristen says she’s good…I’ll check out her pics in a sec…" Then I sent over to google reader and saw she was married! Haha, ironic. After that boring story, the pictures look beautiful and the one in the car is so cute! :) :)

  • These are just gorgeous!!!!! LOVELY!

  • Jamie, these are amazing!! :) Such a beautiful wedding with beautiful people… I love it. Christi has a gorgeous smile.

  • You girl, are da bomb!

  • Congratulations Christi! And props to Jamie and Leanne for an awesome job! Looks like it was absolutely lovely and wonderful. :)

  • Amy

    Jamie – Great Pictures! A tip when taking pictures before the ceremony is to have the couple wear their wedding bands – unless they are really against it. Another tip is to not remove comments that don’t necessarily praise you completely. It is not a comment that is any what putting you down.

  • I love it when life comes around full circle! Christi and Gideon look so sweet and happy together!

  • I love the photos, but for some reason that one photo with the bride and her bridesmaids, the color of the dresses, the flowers their holding. that’s like an awsome photo. I guess i just love everything and it seems like its all working together, including the photography. Great wedding photos Jaime!

  • LOVE this! how cute are they???! :) You did a beautiful job, Jamie! xoxo

  • :) I love all the autumn colours! And Christi looks *so* happy in all the photos~

  • Maria

    these pictures are AWESOME!