November 4, 2010 In life, uncategorized

great at staying cold

i have cold hands. that thought isn’t related to anything, except the fact that winter is coming & i have cold hands really often in winter. the worst thing for my hands is when i wash them. i’m the most impatient person you’ll ever meet [even going to the bathroom is an inconvenience in my time schedule] so i hate waiting for the water to heat up. i turn on the tap and wash for fifteen seconds. usually the first ten seconds of that was freezing cold water. once my hands get cold, they don’t get warm for about an hour or two. when i’m driving beside my brother, sometimes i’ll reach over and put my palms on the back of his neck. he’s always warmer than me. i get away with a few seconds of that, then he’ll shove my arm away. then i put my palms in my armpits. i bet you his armpits are warmer than mine. i’d have to be pretty dang cold before i’d attempt that maneuver.

i’ve had a nice week so far. we are having beautiful weather. beautiful, sunny weather. i enjoy the autumn/winter sun. the summer sun gets old real fast, but these foggy, cold, sunrise-filled mornings are glorious. i have been spending a lot of time reading the bible, writing out my brain in a word document, slowly chipping away at two papers for my bible college class, drinking lots of coffee [typical!] and running. yesterday i ran twelve kilometres. i haven’t run that far since last january. it was a lovely feeling. a lovely, exhausted feeling. i’ve decided to run the fort langley half-marathon this february. i tried to run last year. my feet and knees and hips killed me & i had to stop. this year, i have new shoes, a sports physiotherapist’s number, a renewed motivation and dangnabbit, jamie’s crossing that finish line after 13.1 miles. smiling.

thank you all so much for the encouraging, uplifting comments, emails, facebook replies after my last post. you are all so wonderful to me. i loved especially a few people who don’t believe in what i believe but encouraged me for sharing it regardless. i think that’s awesome. that made me really happy. just to let you know, every single prayer request i got i have prayed over. specific things. i love it. i hope you feel encouraged this week! i don’t have any photos to share, but i wanted to give you some random links to check out.

music to my ears: zaac pick
rad cross-country roadtrips documented beautifully: the solars
a short film i love: postcards from italy
a cool couple. a great read: taza & husband
the book i’m reading: gap creek

  • Laura Radniecki

    I hopped over to the Solar’s road trip write ups from your link this morning and spent the next 2 hours sucked into their adventure. Last fall, my husband and I went on a 40 day road trip that crossed 18 states and 8,000 miles and I’ve been missing the freedom of the road a lot these past few weeks. Reading that just made me even MORE antsy to go out on the road again. Thanks for the link, and for the prayers.

  • Gail

    Some day that maneuver with your brother is going to become a maneuver with your husband. This is a recurring daily situation in the Werner household. Cold hands, cold feet — I suffer from both and hear a lot of (in jest) ‘Get … your … hands… off….me.’

  • Lesley Stefanski

    Hehehe, I’m looking for stylish fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm this year, it’s hard to edit with both hands when one is always cupping a cup of tea or stuffed in my armpits too. :) I’ll let you know if I find some!

  • Ian

    Jamie, you should look a these from Lululemon. Just released but I think they’d suit your needs.

  • Lydia

    The worst for me is when I’m driving. The steering wheel is freezing cold, but I don’t have a choice but to grab onto it! I sometimes carry fingerless gloves in my purse and aim all the warm air at my hands!

  • Rachel Clarke

    Haha! My hands are allllways cold too! So annoying. Taza and husband is so great! That video is adorable. :D

  • Nina

    I have the same problem!! Cold hands, cold feet. All the time.

  • Josh Solar

    Jamie – Thanks for the link. I’m super thrilled you enjoyed our adventure. We definitely need to plan another one soon. I’ve also enjoyed reading your blog the last few days. Thanks for all the honesty, it’s tough to find these days :)Laura – Aren’t road trips the best!?!?!