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christmas wedding: chelsea&brock

December 13, 2010


“chelsea’s our little elle woods. you know, from legally blonde? oh, we adore her.” brock’s mother whispered during rehearsal the night before her son’s wedding. “don’t get me wrong, she’s a smart gal… is she ever & just like elle woods, she knows how to play with that. she’s girlie-girl to the extreme, pink is her favourite colour, i mean, look at her hair! she does everything though. in her business, in her career, in her family: she does it all flawlessly. we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her in our family.” what an adorable thing to hear from your future mother-in-law. i loved brock & chelsea’s family.

i knew chelsea had a unique wedding day planned from the moment i met her & brock in california during escalate live. chelsea is a wedding photographer herself, a great one at that. she has the cutest style. perfect mix of girlie & punk. brock has the funnest personality. the three of us couldn’t stop laughing over coffee at starbucks. they are truly so, so, so in love. it’s beautiful to see. chelsea emailed me their story earlier this year when we first started emailing about their wedding plans. it touched me so much.

chelsea & brock met one evening at a church event. brock came up and introduced himself to chelsea, this beautiful girl he saw playing bass guitar on stage during worship. soon after that, they started texting and brock asked chelsea (and her beautiful boy named malachi) to a movie, wall-e. chelsea writes, “before i go any further, i was at this time, dating another guy, a jerk that no one wanted me to date. i shouldn’t have been. brock and i became best friends. i’m not sure how. even when i was single, we didn’t start dating. he would complain about how all the girls he met were shallow or not adventurous of just plain boring. or the ones that he was interested in weren’t interested in him. & i would explain to him that he needed to get to the place, like i had, where he was just happy regardless. & i was–i would have been perfectly content if i never got married, just excelled at photography and raised Malachi right.”

throughout their friendship, brock admitted he was into chelsea. he wanted more than friends. chelsea wasn’t looking for that, wasn’t attracted to him in that way, didn’t see turning this friendship into a relationship. one day brock called chelsea. he needed some time to get over her. they needed to back off their friendship: he found it too hard. chelsea agreed, if that’s what he needed. they went a week without talking. chelsea said it was the most tortuous thing. maybe she didn’t want brock to get over her after all? they had already committed to go to a wedding together (as friends) that weekend. they went & that was the weekend something changed. no longer just best friends, best friends now crazy-attracted to one another.

but there was malachi. starting a relationship and walking towards marriage as a single mother can’t be easy. it’s something neither chelsea or brock took lightly and it took a lot of long discussions, prayers & tears together. chelsea + brock both have a beautiful faith in jesus christ and i love their hearts. i truly know that God has brought them together for such a time as this! watching them on their wedding day was beautiful. they have both waited for a partnership like this + i’m so excited to see such a beautiful family come together between chelsea, brock and malachi.

somehow chelsea managed to blend her love of pink + all things girlie + all things theatrical into a christmas-themed december wedding. the ceremony had a lot of fun touches including a “unity painting” — chelsea’s parents painted a C, brock’s parents painted a B, the newly married couple painted a “S” for their last name. brock + his high school marching band buddies played horns while the bridesmaids walked in. malachi and chelsea’s father gave her away. the crowd threw roses on chelsea + brock after they were pronounced, just like a real play! the reception was so much fun: tons of finger food and appetizers and just about the “danciest” bridal party i ever did see. enjoy!

to see more of chelsea + brock’s montgomery, alabama wedding CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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  • FREAK’N. AMAZING. Jamie … you just blow me away everytime and what a FUN wedding! Love the colors and all the fun details … and of course the photography is just perfect. you rock.

  • These are gorgeous! Beautiful work!!

  • AMAZING! Jamie – You are such an inspiration to me as a photographer and human being! Chelsea – You are BEAUTIFUL! Much LOVE, Ashley Swallow

  • Great photos! It looks like such a fun wedding to be at!

  • oh jamie! this is such a beautiful story and even more so a truly beautiful couple. I am so glad you were the one to tell their story because I know that God had you there on purpose too. chelsea brock, I don’t know you but I wish I did. I am inspired by you.lastly, 9th photo down should be framed HUGE!!!

  • LOL, every detail of the wedding is so perfectly THEM! You did a fabulous job Jamie! It was fun to see a few of my engagement photos of them in the background too!

  • Love, love, love these! Beautiful couple…beautiful venue…beautiful details…stunning photos! Superb!

  • Jamie, you rock! These are great! What a fun couple. What I love about your blog posts is that after reading it, and by the time I get to the last photo I feel like I, personally, know this couple! This wedding looked like so much fun! What a way to end the year!

  • wow. what a fun wedding! just love all the details, chelsea’s style, and the decor at the reception was done so tastefully. great job capturing it all! love the ring shot:)

  • Kelly

    all i can say is WOW!!! you are so amazing and talented!!!! Chelsea and brock are perfect together and you did every bit of making that look so real in photos. i know she will love these photos and cherish them forever!!! :) GREAT JOB!!!

  • How awesome are those two?! Loved the photos, thank you for sharing :)

  • It takes a sassy bride to pull this look off and Chelsea totally did! Great work Jamie!

  • This is the most fun wedding I have ever seen. I love her pink engagement ring, the fun lego and canon cake, the lego camera, the pink and white dresses, and the christmas tree. Just so awesome!

  • AMAZING, as usual! ;) What a fun wedding! :)

  • Christy

    I LOVE her pink diamond! Such a fun looking wedding.

  • Love her pink wedding dress and the camera cake!

  • Rachel Clarke

    Such wild hair! Must’ve a fun wedding to shoot!

  • gen

    Oh my goodness…is this not the coolest couple you’ve ever seen! LOVE IT!

  • Some of your best work I think! Portraits really lovely, and I love the b

  • Alfred

    These pictures are truly spectacular. You’re so so talented! Chelsea’s theme carried through amazingly and your crisp, candid, colorful work brought another dimension to the story they were telling.

  • Hi Jamie,This is Chelsea’s mother. I was wondering if you would please send me a link to all the proofs when they are completed-I am trying to figure out where my grandson, Malachi, might have left his new coat-The photos will tell when he last had it on and may help solve the mystery, so I will know where to look!Thanks so much!

  • Courtney

    Jamie thanks for capturing the day so beautifully!! You caught every moment, the usual and the unusual, and I know Chelsea will cherish these forever! You were so great at capturing the moments, but all the while remaining unseen and keeping the focus on my beautiful best friend!! Thanks so much!

  • AWESOME pics, Jamie! Chelsea and I met at Escalate in California this spring, and I think she is fantastic. These photos really bring the viewer to the wedding so we can all experience it! I think my favorite shot is the one in the grass, right before the white house. But truly, these are all fantastic. For reals.

  • Ginger Murray

    OH! And I wanted to mention that I also really love the shot of when Chelsea was given away at the ceremony. *choked me up:)

  • becca

    this is SO SO SO cool! love it jamie! great work once again.

  • :) They are SO adorable!! <3 And I love all the fun touches- especially the cakes! Amazing.

  • These are amazing! This wedding definitely seems like it was a ton of fun! You should submit these to Roll

  • Lexy

    omg she is adorable and i love the pink!

  • lovelovelove!! (i want her hair…) haha
    beautiful pics :D great job

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