January 1, 2011 In life

welcome here, new year.

i am sitting down to write this post on the afternoon of new year’s eve. i have a feeling i will come home around two in the morning tonight [or tomorrow. i never know how to phrase that properly] + add to this post before i publish it tomorrow, january 1, 2011. but maybe not. we’ll see what i’m in the mood for in the first few hours of 2011.

i have had a blessed year. i’m very much feelin’ the point-form writing lately, hope you don’t mind.

in the lovely year of two-thousand-and-ten... [in the order of which they floated into my brain]
* i ran the longest distance i have ever ran [sixteen kilometres.]
* i listened to a lot of live music: tegan & sara, said the whale, mother mother, hey ocean!, john mayer, jonsi, matt costa, sufjan stevens, brooke fraser.
* i lost eleven pounds, that i never want back on again. took discipline, calories logged on myfitnesspal + hours at the gym. WORTH IT.
* i turned twenty, said goodbye to my teen years.
* became more independent than ever: laundry, cooking, cleaning. i feel i could live alone if i needed to.
* i photographed twenty-eight weddings.

in the upcoming year of two-thousand-and-eleven…
* i hope to run a half-marathon on february 20.
* i turn twenty-one & will be legal all over the world [not that i drink… or that that “legal” means anything to me. but, fun fact nonetheless.]
* i will travel to las vegas, phoenix, england/ireland/scotland, toronto –based on current plans.
* i will photograph twenty weddings [perhaps even a few more? my last booked for the year is september 10th right now.]
* i will learn how to stop eating when i’m full + consequently, lose another five pounds.
* i will believe for complete healing in my body, food intolerances gone.
* i ask that God would use my life, my time & my finances in ways that challenge me.
* i will continue to pray that john mayer comes to vancouver so i can see him live for the fifth time. yes please.

p.s. because this is fun, here’s a blog post i wrote in the first hours of 2010.

p.p.s. oh hello, it’s 2:46AM on january 1st + i did decide to open up my laptop and add a few words before hitting publish. man. i don’t get it, but there is something about NEW YEAR’s EVE that i adore. i don’t party [read: don’t drink], i don’t club, i HATE staying up late… but come new year’s eve? it could be 5AM + i don’t e’errr wanna go to bed. ;) something about new year’s eve is so magical to me. i’ve seen a lot of tweets about it being an “overrated” holiday and i disagree. it’s underrated. another thing that’s underrated? being at church on new year’s eve. i was there from 10PM – midnight before going to a party + it’s always such a fun time. those are my thoughts. NIGHT!

  • Vendula Smutkova

    Hey Jamie, time is flying we can´t stop it and Im following you since I´ve been in Canada in 2008 and can say.. ehm, yes you progressed a lot! Sometimes when Im reading your blog I wish to be like you :) So opened, so focused and strong and filled up by new ideas and good mood. I can always look at your photos and say to myself: so this is it. 20 years old girl can do such fantastic work, I can do it too :)) you inspired many many ppl and thats what I wish for all of us (readers and followers) in the new year 2011 that we always find here something INSPIRATIONAL, cos this is the main issue for all photographers! GOOD LUCK for you Jamie and take good care in Vancouver. Vendula

  • Happy New Year Jamie! I hope 2011 will bring everything you wish for!

  • lara gilmore

    Oh I would be SO happy if John Mayer came to Vancouver again! Saw him this year and absolutely LOVED him! I could listen to him play all day!

  • Chantal

    Love it :) Great things to ponder….looking forward to reading more!

  • I’ll be turning 21 this year also! Hooray for young photogs! I hope 2011 brings you continued health, happiness, and success! Happy New Year!

  • Love reading your blog Jamie!

  • What kind of food intolerances do you have? I just found out that I am gluten intolerant. It has been hard trying to figure out what I can and can’t eat ugh…

  • Kristin

    I haven’t commented here before and you don’t know me. However, you have been such an inspiration to me in numerous ways this year. I’m also an avid runner (ran my first half in October) and I dabble in photography between college exams, so you inspire me in that regard. But. Your relationship with God and your willingness to be open and blog about it has deepened my faith in God and impacted me to live it out in a more publicly. So, thank you for that. God’s blessings as you begin this new year. I look forward to reading more posts :)

  • Your food intolerances are gone???? I’m working so strongly toward that! :)

  • @karen – …nope? i’m praying for that.

  • Love your list! Praying for the best of everything for your 2011! xoxo*S

  • LL

    You’ve grown up so much!

  • Happy new year, Jamie! I just read your list from 2010 and am wondering how you’re still standing! Congratulations on your amazing accomplishments and best wishes in 2011 – hope it just keeps getting better for you. :D Also, I’ll be in Toronto later this year too (Justin

  • ashley malcolm

    you went to guatemala??? how did i miss that?? i lived there this summer…in an orphanage. best 65 days of my life.