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Westwood Plateau Wedding : Denise and Brock

The story of how Denise and Brock and I crossed paths is way too random to be coincidence. Denise and Brock were engaged on August 2, 2008 and immediately Denise began to search for the perfect venue, and the perfect photographer. She told me she literally pored over every single photographer listed in the back directory of a Vancouver wedding magazine: over a hundred. Visited all the websites, all the blogs. I wasn’t listed in that directory, but she came across another photographer’s blog where they mentioned my name. She clicked on my site and immediately knew I was their photographer. Isn’t that sweet!? We clicked from our first meeting at Starbucks in September, laughing over green tea and talking about the recently started school-year at Trinity Western. TWU was where Denise and Brock first met three years ago. Fall semester was Brock’s last semester and my first semester there. These two are both originally from Toronto, Denise moving out here in her teen years and then Brock to attend Trinity. His dad recounted during the reception speeches, “Brock came out to BC to receive a great Christian education, but found so much more: Denise, his beautiful wife.” That’s a pretty good deal, if I do say so myself! June 6, 2009 was such a lovely day… in every way: rhyming intended. I cannot say enough how blessed I was by both sides of their families and the day’s events. To Denise and Brock, we share so much: a love of the Vancouver scenery (the beaches, the forests, the mountains,) the University we attended, an overwhelming joy for life but most of all a desire to serve our Saviour Jesus in love. I pray you two have an incredible time in Jamaica! When I arrived at Denise’s house for the getting ready photos she was looking like every bride should look on her wedding day: crazy excited! westwood-plateau-wedding Gorgeous is pretty much the only word that comes to mind. westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding I love the henna on Denise’s hands, as well as all the bridesmaids. It was a great way to subtly infuse some of Denise’s Dad’s side of the family’s culture into their day. Denise family is Indian and Chinese and with Brock’s family it was very cool to see three different ethnicities on their wedding day! westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding Brock and Denise sang two worship songs at the beginning of their ceremony, which I adore. I definitely want to do the same on my wedding day. westwood-plateau-wedding Brock was so sweet. I loved watching how he literally could not take his eyes off of his beautiful bride. westwood-plateau-wedding If you’ve read my wedding posts before you know this is always my favourite shot of the whole wedding day. Pure emotion. westwood-plateau-wedding My biggest bridal party yet! westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding I love the simplicity of this. westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding Total favourite. This forest was amazing. westwood-plateau-wedding This field caused me to sneeze for the next hour, but I have to say it was worth it. westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding Denise’s vision for a black and white and pink wedding was carried out through every detail. From the save the date magnet above my workstation in my office to the damask invites to the pink bridesmaids dresses, the flowers, the cake, the table runners. A big shout-out to Bobi Radke of Radke Designs who designed the event flawlessly. westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding westwood-plateau-wedding My second shooter Kristen Leigh and I were having so much fun at the wedding we really didn’t want to leave! We stayed an extra half hour dancing on the dance floor ourselves while taking some more photos. (P.S. A big thank you to Kristen who flew out from Washington, DC to shoot this wedding with me!) westwood-plateau-wedding One last shot to finish off the night, the beautiful Westwood Plateau. westwood-plateau-wedding To see more of Denise and Brock’s Wedding day CLICK HERE for a slideshow. Get in touch with Jamie or view her online portfolio.

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  • Dee

    This has to be my favorite shoot of yours Jamie. Your pictures are stunning, the bride is gorgeous, and the decor is amazing! Everything is perfect. I love it all!

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