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The Falls Golf Course Chilliwack : Alanna and Stanley

August 4, 2009


Graduating high school is a huge milestone in life. It’s the time where you’re free to dream wholeheartedly, nothing’s holding you back: the doors are wide open. Dreaming about the next ten years: what do I want to do with my life? Who will I become? Who will I meet that I will possibly do life with? I highly doubt that in her wildest dreams seventeen-year-old Alanna ever thought she’d meet her husband on her very first day of University. But she did. Enter Stan.

Stan was a year older than Alanna, both in the same graphic design program. They became fast friends and started dated quite shortly after their first meeting. Folks, it’s been nine years now since that fateful first meeting and Stan and Alanna are oh-so-in-love with one another. I love young love and relationships: I can only imagine the growth that has taken place in their love from the time they were two crazy teens to grown adults. What a story.

I especially love these two, because they trust my vision completely. Stan and Alanna booked me about sixteen months ago. You read that right. Where was I sixteen months ago? Um, nowhere. At the beginning of my career. The beginning of my story as a photographer. Just like falling in love, they took a chance on me and booked a young girl with a passion. Oh how thankful I am for them! I had the honour of capturing their wedding on my birthday, August 1st, at The Falls Golf Course in Chilliwack, BC. It was a ridiculously hot day, but they were troopers and I loved all the time they had carved out for bride and groom photos. Stan and Alanna, I wish you nine times nine more years of happiness and a beautiful European honeymoon in the Fall.



Stan and Alanna chose to do a First Look: LOVE! I loved Stan’s reaction: they both immediately began to cry. Seriously the most precious thing.


We had a full hour to play before the ceremony, which was split up between taking photos and dashing to the AC’d car to stay cool.



Nothing like British Columbia scenery.




Gorgeous outdoor ceremony.


Alanna had co-ordinated some fabulous details. The hot pink fans were my favourite: you should have seen how many of them were flapping away during the ceremony–soooo hot!




This location was a total score. Love the sign!



More beautiful details at the reception.




P.S. These cupcakes were amazing. Ahhmaazzzing.



To see more of Alanna and Stanley’s Wedding Day CLICK HERE for a slideshow.

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  • Beautiful! I love their details too! How fun!

  • So precious!!! I love the picture with her eyes filled with tears :)

  • Fantastic work!

  • You do such beautiful work!!! You capture relationships soooo well!

  • Ah Jamie. You did it again. Beautiful couple, beautiful images, beautiful love story. PS Love that song on the slideshow!

  • I get so teary eyes, I just love weddings! these shots are so stunning, they indeed have such a vision, and they were right cause look at you now, you go girl! love the shot of the bubbles and the black and white with your name/site is sexy!

  • you’re awesome…like whoa. :)

  • Awesome wedding, Jamie! I was wondering what the song is in the slideshow…it caught my attention at “With friends like this, who needs anemones!” haha love the Finding Nemo reference~

  • Amazing and beautiful images! Love the last one!!

  • What a beautiful wedding! Wonderful Jamie, these pictures are so sweet!

  • Beautiful work Jamie! Perfect pictures on a perfect day done by a perfect photographer for a perfect couple! Perfect! You rocked it on your Birthday!

  • What a ridiculously cute song. What a pretty wedding! You captured it so well once again!

  • Simply Beautiful! The bride is so naturally gorgeous and they have fabulous taste! Jamie, you captured every detail and the photo’s are stunning. They obviously saw your amazing talent when they booked you and knew you would deliver such great shots.

  • Your work is always beautiful, delicate, flawless! Love all the details that you captured and the emotions on their faces is priceless! Amazing work, Jamie, keep it up!

  • They placed their trust in the perfect person! Love the picture of Alanna during the toasts!

  • My favorite is the photo of Stanley during First Look. Of course, I’m always the one who will turn to look at the groom, as the bride is walking towards him down the aisle. LOVE the expression!

  • Beautiful images! Awesome location and the details. I feel like eating those cupcakes :)

  • A) I LOVE this couple. They are adorable. (And they love cupcakes, so deal = sealed.)
    B) That microphone is almost as big as her head. She is tiny in the best way!
    C) Your first look pictures are uh-mazing.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, grogeous work Miss Delaine! Their trust in you was well-founded (obviously!). :)

  • Beautiful set. Love the detail shots and the emotion you’ve captured!

  • {img}419_33{/img}

    This is AMAZING! I am also in awe as to how you didn’t get any harsh shadows in this photo! Reflector?

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