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Performance Works Wedding : Laura and Darren

Despite a week of feeling sick and icky, nothing could damper my excitement for Laura & Darren’s day on Friday, September 4th. I had been looking forward to being a part of this day since I first met Laura & Darren in early January at their apartment. I loved their style, I loved their energy, I loved their Goldendoodle, I loved their love. I celebrated alongside Laura and her fiance, with thirty of their closest friends for her thirtieth birthday party. A few weeks later, Laura and I met for Americanos, and we laughed as we chatted about more of the fabulous details she was planning for their September wedding.

Then came their engagement session, which turned out to be one of my favourites of the season. As Laura and Darren and I exchanged more emails throughout the months leading up to this day, I truly felt like a friend who could not wait to see these two united as man and wife. When I walked into the penthouse suite at the Granville Island Hotel, I found Laura calmly having her makeup done in the bathroom. A few moments into our conversation, Laura looked up at me with her incredible big green eyes and said softly, “Jamie. This week… It’s just… It’s just been magic. Magical. Every moment. From my bachelorette party last Saturday, to… just every day. Magic. This morning. Last night. Today… Magic.” I smiled and thanked Jesus for these two beautiful people He had brought together in His timing.

Laura and Darren, your day was a joy. An absolute joy. Laura, your green eyes that I am oh-so-jealous of, SHONE all day long. I loved your giddy little laugh during the vows. I loved how you practically shook with excitement before Pastor Dave pronounced you husband and wife. Darren, I have to say it again, I loved your gray converse. Pretty much made my day. I loved your smile that never left your face: all. day. long. From the morning to the final goodbyes, you were one happy man: and rightly so. I’m so excited to see you both continue to walk with your Lord in the coming years. Love, ME!

P.S. A big thanks to my beautiful friend Melissa Jill who second-shot this with me! Some of the photos in the slideshow are from her.

Juuuuust about died when I saw these shoes. Gray is one of my favourite colours. And these are stunning.



Some of Laura’s accessories. [Update] Laura sent along the name of the fabulous Etsy store who designed her feather hairpiece, A Farmer’s Daughter.


What a cute little getting-ready outfit Laura had on. SO cute. Her beautiful makeup was thanks to Denise Elliot. (



This was right after they said, “HI!” excitedly once they got close to each other.


The ceremony took place in a park, right near the Vancouver harbour. After they had their first kiss, a few of the boats honked their horns and this was Laura and Darren’s reactions. Priceless.



Loved the gray bridesmaids dresses: I had never seen that before.


When the guys went and got their matching gray converse shoes, I was loving it. I have a thing for converse. And fun bridal parties. Both met at this wedding.



Couldn’t resist another shoe shot.


I rarely do guy’s shoe shots, but these were callin’ for one.

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Mmm, love it.








Can they BE more adorable? Seriously. Folks.



Some great details inside Performance Works. Laura and her bridesmaids individually strung over 1000 butterflies from the ceilling. That’s dedication.







To see more of Laura & Darren’s Performance Works Wedding CLICK HERE for a slideshow!

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