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happiest of mondays.

happy, happy, happy monday! the time has come for a new website for jamie delaine photography. i’ve been hesitant to make any major changes for the past two years. when an amazing group of photographers hands you a title like showit photographer of the year in 2008 & showit best web design of the year in 2009, you’re kinda left feeling, “well, if it ain’t broke, i shouldn’t fix it!” … but it was time. i’ve evolved since my website first launched & it was time for my website to reflect that.

i couldn’t be happier. once again, a huge thank you to david jay and showit for creating such a wonderful program that i have so much fun creating in. i have to thank kristy [@wrecklessgirl] for her design work on the white-washed wood background [how amazing would it be to have that in a house/apartment someday? an entire wall like that. i love wood.] — that truly was the piece that made the website come together. it’s also a big hint towards what my new blog [launching any hour/day now?] will look like.

i’ve decided to feature three couples [engagement/portrait] galleries and three wedding galleries, with about fifty photos each. then, because i simply have taken too many photos in the past year to feature only a small amount, i added an engagement favourites & wedding favourites section. some of my other favourites pages include the favourites page and my travel page. let me know what you think!

  • http://dorothyhuynh.com Dorothy Huynh

    wowow jamie!! everything looks so great and it totally fits you. I’m soo excited for this! :)

  • http://www.karalayne.com Kara Layne

    It looks absolutely wonderful, Miss Delaine! Congratulations!!

  • http://www.adleystudio.com/blog Lesley

    So I might be a little emotional right now being so far away from home and all, but I honestly teared up looking just at the screen captures! They are so you and everything you encompass! I’m so proud of you Jamie!

  • http://vanessaschrotenboer.squarespace.com Vanessa

    Love it Jamie!! :)

  • http://www.kristinnicolephotography.com Kristin Nicole

    Love, love, love it Jamie! The contact page rocks!

  • http://theinspiredbiologist.wordpress.com/ Alison Page

    beautiful new website design jamie!! love the "favourites" page!

  • http://www.faithteasley.com Faith

    I LOVE it! :)

  • http://ngracephotography.com Nina Grace

    i love it!

  • http://www.tinajayphotography.com/blog Tina

    LOVE the new site!! It looks awesome, and feels very "you" – perfect! Is it weird that I love your contact page the most? It’s so clever, not the boring old contact page:)

  • http://www.kristenabigailblog.com Kristen

    It’s so beautiful Jamie!

  • http://manyrandommusings.blogspot.com Hannah Nicole

    I absolutely LOVE it! The colors, design, little quirky, but completely-cute elements that make up the whole site…AH! LOVE it. :)

  • http://www.rebeccasehn.com Rebecca Sehn

    Awesome Jamie! Love it.

  • http://www.gailwernerphoto.com Gail

    You hit it out of the park! Love it!PS – And THANK YOU for making your font big enough to read throughout the site! That is one area I see a lot of photogs falling short. You deliver the whole package my dear!

  • Resi

    This looks beautiful! Can’t wait to see the new blog… the website already looks sooo promising!

  • http://www.livelaughphotograph-llc.com Ashley Swallow

    I love everything about it Jamie! I’m super impressed with your work in Showit! Awesome awesome job.

  • http://www.lolarosephotography.com Kelly Green

    Jamie…it looks fantastic, I love it!!I especially love the ‘my favorites’ page : )Looking forward to seeing the newly designed blog, great job x

  • http://www.shawnasboys.blogspot.com Shawna

    beeee-U-tee-FULL! Just like you.

  • Steven Barks

    Awesome Jamie! It looks so good!

  • Shanna

    Jamie the new website is incredible!Absolutely fun, artsy farsty, contemporary!

  • http://emthegem.com Em

    sooo beautiful! great inspiration for me as I get ready to start working on new web stuff. you are amazing!! and i get to see your sweet face sooo sooooooon! YAY

  • http://www.teeganphotography.com Amy T Schubert

    I love love love the mad-libs style contact form …. We did our wedding RSVP cards in that style and it was super fun to get the responses!Looks awesome, friend!

  • http://www.katelynjamesblog.com Katelyn

    Jamie my dear! This is beautiful!!! xoxo LOVE it.

  • bethany

    so beautiful. i just love it. obvs.

  • http://ngracephotography.com Nina Grace

    Seriously Jamie, your "My travels," "my favorites," and "my faith" pages are just so personable and a pleasure to read :) btw, I always love that you use bright colors, very refreshing :)

  • Tammy Stark

    My first posting to you since I’ve been reading your blog. You new website is awesome. I loved the old one too. Keep up the great work.

  • http://www.kimkalynphotographyblog.com Kim Spears

    Jamie it looks incredible!! I just LOVE it :)

  • http://sindisiwephotography.com mandie

    just awesome. :)

  • Aubyn

    Jamie – The new website looks awesome! And when you hire someone to install that whitewashed wood wall, can you please send them over to my house too???

  • Leah

    love it!!! SO YOU!!!!! which reminds me.. you need to blog about your STUDIO still!

  • http://www.kaylabarker.com/ Kayla

    Love it!

  • Sarah Kehl

    Jamie – wow! Your website is SO COOL. So easy to navigate, everything just looks so PRETTY! I’m a huge fan and I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog, but I just had to this time because your art and business are so impressive!

  • Mom

    Fabulous new site, so, so good, so so proud, so so blessed, so so love you!

  • http://christa-hann.com Christa

    Love it :) Congrats on another fabulous site

  • http://www.leahmullettblog.com Leah Mullett

    Jamie, now that i am home and can actually look at the full website i did and am blown away. i do not personally know you but your personality shines through and you just push me to continue believing and becoming closer to God. I love it, and thank you. You do make a lasting impact on others even without knowing them ;) have a great day! xoxo … and when you come to michigan SOMEDAY … i’d love to buy you an americano ;) hehe

  • http://www.karladanae.com Karla Reimer

    It looks great – LOVE the favorites (I think I agree with almost all of them!) and I noticed that Manitoba is not yet visited… it’s downright cold (ok, freezing) in winter, but it’s a fantastic lil’ province in my opinion!

  • http://www.hannahelizabethblog.com Hannah W.

    I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. !!! Your blog, the website, the personal touches everywhere! Everything looks amazingggg!!!

  • http://www.erynkesler.com Eryn Kesler

    I’ll say it again. LOVE IT.

    I am completely addicted to your blog and have spent the weekend (feeling crummy) pouring over your past blog posts.

    I am so inspired.

  • http://www.sherry-lu.com s h e r r y

    :D:D:D I’m SO stoked for you!! This looks AAAA-MAZING.

  • http://www.catwatsonphotography.com Cat Watson

    Love it! Both your blog and site look amazing! Just so pretty to look at and easy to use:) Well done:)

  • http://www.anwenelizabethphotography.com Anwen Norman

    LOVE the new site!!! It looks amazing, and my favorite part is definitely the white-washed boards…oh, and the little list of words about you at the top. AMAZING!! Congrats on such a lovely change.

  • http://jessicasmithphotography.com/blog Jessie Smith

    Jamie this is GORGEOUS! out of all the blogs i love to look at on a daily basis, the layout of it all and the heart you put into this definitely stand out. love it all :0)

  • http://spaceforthecreative.blogspot.com/ Heidi

    Hey Jamie!

    This looks INCREDIBLE and we are so excited for you! thanks for being the real deal :)


  • http://justsouknow.wordpress.com sara

    I love the colours, love the rustic wooden plank wallpaper, and love the playfulness of this design. :-)

  • http://www.virtuousgrace.blogspot.com Brenna

    I have been reading your blog for about a year now, and I just wanted to let you know how encouraging and inspiring you are. I love the new design, it’s very refreshing!

  • http://www.kristinnicoleblog.com Kristin Nicole

    Love the new blog Jamie!

  • http://www.kimberlywilsonphotography.com Kimberly Wilson

    Amazing, as always, Ms. Jamie!! You astonish me with your ability to be authentic in ALL that you do and it makes people (like ME!) want to be your best-est friend, so we can hang out in fabulous coffee shops and vintage-y bookstores, giggling over some random something-or-other! (and I don’t even drink coffee!) :) You’ve got a beautiful spirit and a beautiful brand to match!

  • http://jgrace.net Jessica Lagomarcino

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that contact form! Sooo cute and creative!! Simply a BEAUTIFUL site. And you and I have so much in common!

  • http://lydiaphotography.com Lydia

    Absolutely love your contact form!