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April 26, 2011


it’s monday night. my back is propped up against two white pillows, my macbook pro rests on my lap, rita springer singing when i think about the lord on my itunes in the background. occasionally, i feel like lifting up my hands or semi-fist-pumping out to the side [not to the sky… too dramatic] along with the beat of the song. so i do. nobody’s here to watch. now i got my head into it and it’s moving from left to right. this is starting to look very similar to my signature car dance.

i am flying to london tomorrow. [oh yes, back to dancing. 3:06, break-down in this song where the instruments stop and only the drums play while rita sings with the congregation. this is a good part.] tomorrow’s the day! i am overjoyed. i have been to europe once: the summer between grade eleven and twelve. my family knew it would likely be the only european vacation we’d take together: we wanted to see it all. we took nineteen days and traveled through italy, switzerland, austria, france & england. it was… incredible. a few highlights? staying in this tiny italian town on the almalfi coast. full of locals, very little english spoken. brandon & i spent one morning walking around the village at five am [jet-lagged] and watched the city awaken to life at 6am. i adore italy. another? i woke up the morning of my seventeenth birthday in the most beautiful swiss valley. that day, we drove to paris and i celebrated my birthday that evening at a crepery on montmartre. i also decided to wear three inch heels that night [you do these kind of silly things when you’re seventeen and trying to make the experience the most magical one possible] and i could not feel my toes by the time we got back to the room.

i filled half a journal in those three short weeks. i remember having breakfast on our last morning of the trip in london, saying to my mom over toast and coffee: the world is huge. there is so much to learn, to absorb, to see. i never want to rush life. i never want to miss all that it has for me. and i definitely will be back to europe someday. my heart was full. i was exhausted, ready to go home, get settled, make sense of the dreams floating around my head. europe gave me an itch for knowledge. it showed me how huge and marvelous and expansive this world is. it also marked a turning point in my faith. i can’t pin-point why. i had seventeen-year-old faith then: which for me meant i loved the Lord, loved the Bible, but i didn’t know Him. i didn’t long to know Him more than anything else or above anything else. i went on a three-week trip and don’t remember ever opening my bible while i was away. that says a lot. if i spend one day without time in the Word now, i feel like falling apart. seriously. give me three days and i will probably be crying.

but that trip changed my heart. i came back from europe so full, inspired, amazed, in awe… and with an incredible heart for the Bible, Word of God. it seems silly typing it… but that’s really what happened. it wasn’t a church service, it was travel that made me go, wow. Jesus, i need to KNOW you! i’ve never been the same. i love the Bible. i’m excited to take it with me to europe and spend hours reading it four years later… through almost-twenty-one-year-old eyes.

flashback to 2007, birthday dinner in paris. i love that photo of my dad and i.

florence, venice, rome.

ps. i’ll be away for two weeks and trying to stay fairly absent from email/twitter/facebook. i’ll be writing lots, i know, so i assume blogs will naturally flow outta that.


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