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recently featured!

* yes, i’m still away, i scheduled this post before i left, TRICKY! ;) *

i have been storing up a TON of recent features… and i figure it’s time to call some attention to them all. there are some pretty rad wedding blogs out there. first up, one of my favourite, favourite wedding blogs because it’s focused entirely on the MUSIC at weddings: hi-fi weddings. man. music matters so much to me. i know my wedding will be about music in a major way. you bet i’ll think very carefully about what’s played before-during-after the ceremony and before-during the reception. alison & ryan’s sunshine coast wedding had the best playlist–they even gave all their guests a mix CD as a favour. i still listen to mine regularly. love it. check out the feature!

laura & kyle’s rustic barn wedding in march had just the right amount of detail: not too much, as to be out-of-place for the barn, just enough to make it feel completely magical. a huge thank-you to lydia of ever ours wedding blog for featuring them HERE.

oh! now for my cute friends jazzy & jadon, their engagement session was featured on bow ties & bliss!


a blog reader let me know that alison & ryan’s sunshine coast wedding was also blogged about on The SoHo! i had never heard of this blog before but love following it now. it’s run by a beautiful girl named natalie, born in georgia, currently living in new york city, but has also lived in seattle! she blogs about the greatest stuff.

i hereby give my august 2010 bride, erika walter, the most-attention-to-detail award. erika & malcolm’s farm wedding was incredible. it was featured on a paper proposal:


this is an engagement session i shot probably over a year ago, but i recently submitted it to the cute blog bow ties & buttercream and they loved it! elizabeth & derek had a super fun skateboard/art-themed shoot and it’s still one of my favourites. see the feature HERE.

oooh, okay. heidi & bryce. love them. can’t wait for their july 2, 2011 wedding in ontario. it’ll be my first wedding in ontario and i am so excited. leanne & i will be spending all weekend with them, including celebrating canada day. they are such a fun, young, christian couple so passionate about life and serving the Lord. heidi has an amazing blog called space for the creative and is currently working on MAKING HER OWN WEDDING DRESS. dang. ohh and heidi will be wearing silver glitter TOMS on her wedding day. yeah! :) their ice-cream, beachy engagement session was featured on one stylish bride:

another feature on the same blog, one stylish bride, of erika & malcolm’s farm wedding.

saved one of my favourites for last. recently stumbled upon this blog. i love the design. it’s so clean, classic, simple and i thought maclean & erin’s plaid/skateboard/rad-kids-just-hanging-out engagement session fit with their blog aesthetic so well. i’m glad lovely little details agreed. see the feature HERE.

phewf! thanks for making it all the way through those! have a lovely day!

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