April 27, 2011 In life

i got this covered: london

i don’t understanding this whole royal wedding kafuffle. i don’t know william and kate. do you? oh, you mean you don’t? well, then, why do you all caaaaare so much?! ;) we are simply trying to have a lovely trip to london, which we booked before william & kate announced their engagement and picked their wedding date: and they are raining on our parade. i’m half-kidding but i have no idea what to expect. we were sitting in the club lounge of our hotel watching BBC when they showed a clip from princess diana’s wedding. those were some crowded streets. i’m going to lose my mother and father in those streets. i’m scared. we’ll see what friday is like.

i had grand ideas of bringing only a backpack for this trip [hey, i managed to do it for guatemala!] but i have too much stuff. i packed a suitcase instead. and a small backpack. as we were loading our junk into the car, i called out from the top of the stairs, hey! i need help with this suitcase. i can’t lift this thing down the stairs. my mom slowly walks out of her bedroom and stares me in the face, JAMIE. are. you. kidding. me? that is going to be a big prob—i put my hands up, to interrupt: ohhh, hahahah, right right. i’m traveling alone for the last week, right?! um. yes, she stares at me like i have three eyes. — yeah, never mind. forget i said it. i got this covered! totally covered. not a worry. pshhh! ;) — deep breaths. i stumbled awkwardly down the flight of stairs to the car. success.

a nine-hour red-eye direct flight from vancouver to london later, we arrived. i had been in the same clothes for over twenty-four hours. my breath could have killed a small creature… but praise report! my fingers returned back to their normal size an hour after the flight. it was a little touch & go there for a while, my ring was cutting off my circulation. and those were some ugly fingers. by the time we got to our hotel, changed our clothes and left for the city, it was dinnertime in london’s mind. but we still felt like it was early morning in ours. weird time zones.

we tubed into piccadilly circus, had pret a manger for dinner [i like that place a lot] and spent two hours wandering around. the fashion in london is blowing my mind. i swear every indie trend starts here and makes its way over to north america. cropped skinny pants, oxford shoes, big glasses. then they all open their mouths and effortlessly sophisticated accents spill out. pretty perfect. make me british, asap.

ps. i saw some ladies from the red-hat club wandering around tonight… with huge american flags stuck in their hats. really, america, really?! i love you… but you’re in england. don’t wear your own flag. being in london and walking past americans makes me feel pretty patriotic… can i say that without my american readers hating me? ;) it’s true. i love being a canadian. i’m proud of us. i’m proud of the bond we have with england and australia. FAMILY. it’s fun. long live the queen. ;)

  • :) Ahh, their Olympic countdown clock too! Glad to hear London is fun!! :) I hope you don’t lose your parents on Friday…

  • Bob, in London…What an amazing thought! Hope you had a great night in one of my most favorite places on earth!
    xo*S And here’s to no more sausage fingers!

  • Ps. Wills is my 1/2 cousin, 8 times removed on my fathers side – Just ask Bob ;)

  • Josiah Tam

    Welcome to London!! Yea it’s a bit crazy how much hype there is here. Oh and if you guys are looking for a semi casual nice night out dinner, try The Henry Root in Chelsea. Just finished dinner there and it was AMAZING!

    Hope you enjoy your stay here!

  • SO COOL!
    Gotta love the Commonwealth bond. Don’t forget New Zealand, the wee little country :)
    Love the pictures so far, looking forward to seeing more! Good luck, and don’t get lost!

  • It is a little disgusting how jealous I am of your right now. Don’t worry-God’s working with me on that. Have a fantastic trip!

  • Lisa B.

    Can’t wait to see more pics as you document your visit. Saw a shot of all the Union Jacks flying high the other day – wonderful! Better take Lois and go hat shopping, you need a hat for the wedding :-)
    As for the whole Royal Wedding hub….its a real life glimpse, and the closest thing most of us have, at any sort of fairy tale….real or not!

  • Sigh. Love me some London (+ Princess Diana, but I am a hard-core Royalist. Though, I don’t have a fridge emblazoned with Kate + Will’s mugs…) Have fun Jamie!

  • Ohhh you’re making me miss London so much! I spent a summer there at the end of college and it was ah-mazing. If I were you I’d go sightseeing out of the city on Friday if you want to avoid the crowds, or embrace it and experience a historical event along with everyone in a pub somewhere! :)

  • fun, fun, FUN! you just gave me a major case of the traveling bug…and to be in london on the day that William and Kate get married…well, i think that’s pretty special. but that’s just me ;)

  • Lindsey

    I love being a Canadian in a foreign country too! It’s funny, here in Oz, I was talking with an American and she said she never realized there was this commonwealth club that the States was not apart of. She thinks they missed out and says that us Canadians, Aussies, Brits, Scots, Irish, etc have this connection with one another that they don’t. Funny.

  • you question the royal wedding hype yet you end with `long live the queen`. haha. My mom made a good point today about it because my dad was saying the same thing about all the karfluffle as you put it! she said it was actually a good thing. There have been so many world disasters going on that this is kind of bringing some happiness to the world! and it`s almost like a fairytale… prince marries his princess kind of thing! =) Glad you`re loving london!

  • I think your mom is the CUTEST…. she just seems like the nicest person… annnnd I’ve never met her. Creepy, I know.

  • I just got back from Paris and your photos are making me vacation-sick. =)

  • So glad you’re loving London! :) How fun that you’re in London for the Royal Wedding. You’re on the spot as a moment of history is made!

  • I so know what you mean!! I´ve booked my flight to london for next June and I´m also so excited, can´t wait!! :D

  • Naomi

    Ha! You’re beautifully patriotic for a member of the Commonwealth, Jamie!!! Your weather in London doesn’t look great, but it’s super down in the South West, so maybe it’s on it’s way to you. Have fun in the crowds on Firday – it’ll be something to tell your kids: “I was in London the day that the King of England got married – the head of our Commonwealth” … gotta be worth it! :)

  • I laughed…out loud…sitting alone in my dining room when I read this post, particularly the part about the red hat ladies with the American flags! I am an American and no, your comments were not offensive, they are oh so true! =) It looks like you’re having a fantastic time in London; it’s definitely on my Top 5 places to visit list! Safe travels!

  • Your pictures seriously leave me without words. You are outstanding and everything in a photography I want to be when I grow up!

  • I love love loved London when I went a couple years ago! Can’t wait to go back …. If I had my wish I’d buy a home in that neighborhood right around the Parliament building :)

    Have fun!

  • I have to say, I totally agree with you on the William and Kate thing. I mean almost every channel here in America is going to have it on tomorrow night. Really?

    I just had to comment when I saw you ate at Pret a Manger. When I was in NYC this past winter, I stumbled upon the reterant, and fell completly in love. I mean in. LOVE. I live about 20 minutes outside of DC, where they have 3 whole Pret a Manger’s. Every time I make it into the city I trek blocks just to pick up one of their to-die-for-cresonts.

    I hope you have a blast and don’t die on Friday night!

  • Pret a Manager is FAB! So yummy. Make sure you go to Camden Markets (if you haven’t left London yet!)…one of the best places in the whole city!

  • Johanna

    you should be the one photographing the royal wedding :P
    Europe is so fun. I was born there, and going back this summer to visit. can’t wait. hope you have an amazing trip.