July 25, 2011 In life

beautiful beyond my wildest dreams

this weekend, i photographed two incredible weddings. jessica & scott’s wedding on saturday and veronica & henry’s wedding on sunday. both amazing days, both amazing couples. both full of tears and laughs. both made me excited about love and life and made me happy to do what i do for a living. i also worked with two awesome assistants both weddings that made my job a breeze. being free to focus on shooting and not on carrying bags, navigating through vancouver, finding a glass of water, grabbing batteries from the other corner of the room: bliss. so thank you: rebecca, leanne, candace.

july has been a big month. this weekend marked weddings #6 and #7 of the month; with my final july wedding this saturday. i can’t believe i did it [or i almost did it] — and i still love it. i’m tired, yes, but it’s a lovely tired. it’s a rewarding tired–the joy that comes after hard work and perseverance. “the Lord is my strength & my shield; in Him my heart trusts & i am helped… the Lord is the strength of his people.” Psalm 28:7-8

i feel like i have been a little silent on the blogging front this month–and that reflects my life lately. it’s a natural tendency of mine to retreat. when life gets busy, work gets hard, i become overwhelmed, i need to sit alone and i certainly don’t have anything to say or the energy to say it. just like i am not having multiple coffee dates with friends a week right now, i can’t find the energy to blog my heart weekly. this is summer jamie. i used to push myself and feel like “this is summer! go live a lazy summer’s day! take a full day off, go be with people!” and i do. i do rest, i would fall apart if i didn’t–but truthfully… my huge adventures can wait til the fall/winter/spring. in the summers, i know that i live best when i work hard, relax alone or in small groups [most of the time] — and enjoy an occasional party with friends that is much deserved.

and i love it. it’s a season & it’s a good season. happy to be in the middle of all the work, happy that autumn always comes along, happy that winter [oh glorious relaxing, slow, cozy winter] comes along and completely happy when it all starts up again some spring.

life is good.

i want to share this song with you by phil wickham. brought me to thankful, rested, joyful tears sunday morning as i read my bible and prayed at home alone before the wedding. it is so good to know true Love.

  • There are no words to tell you how much I adore this post! xoxo M:)

  • Love your honesty, your writing is beautiful. How amazing is Phil Wickham?? I walked down the aisle to his song ‘Beautiful’…

  • I love Phil Wickham! and his newest song “At Your Name”. :)

  • Absolutely beautiful post! I love it :-)

  • Samantha

    I’m also really loving Phil Wickam! Thanks for this post, Jamie. It’s nice to know that you’re fulfilled and doing well, even when we don’t hear from you. :)

  • oh I love Phil Wickham and that song!!

  • Thank you for being so honest, Jamie… Love the song!

  • Indeed! He is true love, and He knows the words of our lips and our hearts. He is faithful, even in the dry, weary, quiet seasons :)

  • Thank you for blogging your faith, Jamie! Your posts are beautiful. :)

  • I love how honest you are with yourself, with your business, and your readers. It’s perfect! Much rest to you my friend!

  • you said it perfectly in the last sentence “its so good to know true love” Thank you jesus !

  • LOVE this!! :D