September 20, 2011 In photography, portraits

kelsey & jon: portraits

kelsey, oh lovely friend of mine. i’ve known kelsey since i was thirteen — through the years she’s only grown more and more dear to me. we used to see each other regularly at youth group and served together as leaders after we graduated. although we go to different churches now, my friendship with her [no matter how busy are lives become] is stronger than its ever been. i can meet this girl once every three months for coffee & we’re right into honest conversation about our lives, our relationships with Jesus and… oh yeah, since february, her boyfriend. yeahhh, kelsey’s got herself a boyfriend and i think he’s stellar.

i have so many special memories of kelsey–including the one weekend road trip to portland last summer, a few weeks [maybe two months?] before she met jon. i love that. the separation that happens in life when one looks back on “before she knew him & before he knew her.” i showed up to a games night at a friend’s house–the room was full–& i knew everyone except the guy sitting next to kelsey. i assumed he was a new youth leader at my old church, because everyone seemed to know him. i wasn’t introduced to him and i didn’t stay long so we never chatted. weeks later i find out, that boy? he’s soon to be kelsey’s. what! kelsey’s never had a boy. hello.

i loved hearing kelsey’s story. i met him through mutual friends at a different church. we started talking a little, but i didn’t think anything of it. he lived near me so he started texting and asking if he could pick me up on the way to hang out in a group with friends or to a party. i honestly thought it was because he was just nice and my house was on the way! my house IS on the way!!! soon i heard his friends say, ‘are you serious, kels? jon definitely likes you.’ then i thought, woah! okay, yeppp. i like him too. hahahaha,¬†well kelsey & jon have been dating for seven months now and i still had yet to officially meet this jon. i’ve heard a ton about him through coffee dates with kelsey but it’s still weird when your friend is crazzzzzzyyyyyy about a man you don’t know. we fixed that this morning when we spent an hour cruising around the streets of langley, laughing and snapping pics. i know who jon is now!! and i love seeing kelsey so happy — this is a fun stage of life. happy-seven-months-of-dating you two.

  • so cute. love these!


    PS – My husband is tall, dark and handsome, so, Kelsey, I like your type ;)

  • These are awesome!

  • Beautiful, Jamie! You make it look so easy. :)

  • Aww, they’re so cute! Gorgeous photos, as always. :)

  • The cuteness is overwhelming! ;-) Flawless photos Jamie, as always.

  • Very sweet! What a cute couple!!!

  • :) Suuuper cute!

  • cute, cute, cute, cute, CUTE!!

  • These are adorable!

  • Stunning shots, Jamie :)

  • gorgeous couple. woah.

  • Love these!! The lighting is absolutely beautiful. Bravo, Jamie. :)

  • Jamie, love the use of lines in this whole series. As usual, wonderful work.