September 25, 2011 In life

west coast is the best coast

for three days and three nights, tofino rained on us. the first forty-eight hours of our seventy-two hour trip, i got lucky and the precipitation stopped for ten minutes twice. in those tiny pockets of time, my running shoes were laced & i was out the door. sarah & i stayed in a tiny cottage nestled two hundred feet up from the beach: constructed entirely from rustic wood and filled with a smell reminiscent of home cooking. not mine–somebody else’s.

our thursday, friday, saturday was filled with lazy mornings staring at the beach [out the window from our cabin] and eventually deciding to venture out each day. dashing from the cabin to the car, avoiding the rain, hands over our heads, we’d nestled into heated seats and drive the three kilometres into “town” to steal wi-fi from the one stinkin’ coffee shop that had a working connection. tofino’s motto of “half the speed, twice the pleasure” has yet to make me a believer when it comes to internet speeds.

friday evening was my favourite. we grabbed a camera and ventured out into the pouring rain for some photos before the gray daylight turned into a darker gray night-sky. frantically shooting under an umbrella half the time [i say half the time because the other half was more like screw it, just shoot fast and we’ll run back to the car!] we walked in the forest and ran along the beach. sarah’s a brilliant photographer: she captured some images of me that i absolutely love.

this is my favourite.

when i look at this photo i see joy. the rain-splattered green army jacket over black leggings, the damp beach below my riding boots, the scenery of the west coast–the view of the ocean i could see out of the corner of my eye, my mustard yellow toque pulled down over soaking wet hair that had been so perfectly curled a half hour before. i see jamie, in tofino, at the edge of the west-coast, the edge of the world. i am twenty-one, four years of this business behind me [one wedding left to shoot before 2011 season ends] & an undetermined number of years [2, 5, 10? 20?] ahead. i see hope: a challenging year behind me and a consistent, steady excitement about what each “tomorrow” holds. most importantly i see faith that has birthed this hope in me: ultimately God’s plan is to prosper me, to bless me with a future.

it’s good. He’s good.
& it’s beautiful, this country i live in.
i was made for british columbia.

  • jamie, you always seem like you have the best time ever on your trips! you have such a positive outlook on life!!! thank you for being such an inspiration!!!

  • Kim

    Jamie: I’ve been a faithful blog reader for over a year now and have always wanted to post but haven’t yet done so until today. I love this blog post as it reminds me of home. I live in a small town called Powell River where the weather is very much like Tofino but the internet connection is way better. I love all your photos and I so HOPE that you have many many many more years ahead of you in your fantastic career. I am definitely a huge fan!

  • mm.. sooo good!

  • Sounds like you’re having fun, even with the rain! I love that picture of you!

  • Love the toque! Sounds like you had a ton of fun! I looooove tofino!

  • Julia M

    I found your blog few months ago, and I really like it. Awesome pictures, nice texts. And you talk about the most important thing in life, Jesus! Blessings and greetings to you, from Finland :)!

  • Jaime, do you know what kind of lense that photo of you was taken with? Thanks!

  • 24mm f/1.4

  • Love this photo of you Jamie!!

  • I loved this post soo much. I had to read it a couple times. :) I love how you can look at your picture and see all of those things in it and in yourself–hope and a future and faith and love and all kinds of beautiful God things.

    p.s. that picture truly is stunning. You look beautiful. and I love your toque!

  • Oh that last sentence of yours–truly beautiful statement. Like, could be an ad for your country ;)

    And that photo of you? GORGEOUS!