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quebec city

November 19, 2011


i am bad at waiting for things: this character weakness of mine is well known.

a beautiful eighteen-days in quebec thus far, but if i could transport home tonight, i think i would. the longer i am away, the farther away the faces i love seem to be. however, i know that in all things, God has perfect timing. impeccable really. He has my days written & the very best plans for me. as silly as it may sound, i believe it applies to “just two more days.” i am constantly reminded to not run ahead of His plans — why wish for home when God has me here? what can i do in this moment, where i am right now with what i have right now? they are good questions. i want to ask them more — about any today i am given.

may these next two days be full of everything i came to quebec for: experiencing God’s creation, digging into my Bible on a newer, deeper level & praying about the things my heart is desiring. tuesday will come at the perfect time.

  • Isn’t that the way traveling seems to go? Those last two days your head is back home. Glad you’re finding a way with God to keep your heart right where it’s at. Annnddddddd, now I’ve added Quebec to the list of places I HAVE to see. Looks like it’s LOVELY in fall!

  • you are in such a beautiful place. :) Yes, God has you there for a reason. How lovely. <3

  • Across the river there…that is where i lived for a year when I was 20. A tiny appartment on my own. I loved it so much and spent every weekend wandering the streets of quebec city…all the nooks and crannies…no one but myself for company. what a great place to be still in!!!

  • Jacinthe

    You’re so right! God’s timing is always perfect. And Gail, I agree with you: Québec IS a place you HAVE to see! :D It’s so, so, so beautiful.

  • thank you so much for this post jamie! i really needed to hear that. i am just 2 days away from going home for thanksgiving, and it’s hard to keep focused on where i am right now. (for me, that would be finishing up the last couple days of school before thanksgiving break) thank you again!!! and beautiful pictures :)

  • Yep every moment is just as it is supposed to be. We are very similar: at least in name and patience level! ;)

  • Jax

    Stunning!!! Can’t believe I’ve yet to go to Quebec…now on the top of my list!

  • Mia

    my word, your scenery photography is absolutely stunning. i seriously can’t stop looking at these photos; the colors are so rich. aaah, love them so much!

  • Leanne

    Jamie – I haven’t looked at your blog for 2 or 3 weeks; to my delight and comfort this post was exactly what I needed to read tonight. I’m in the midst of a challenging situation, one that partly requires patience and I’m struggling to trust in God’s timing and plans for me. I so appreciated you sharing your thoughts. And then as a huge bonus I feasted on the eye candy you shared through your stunning photos. Thank you!!

  • Such a beautiful place! It’s nice to have this one-on-one quality time with God and his word. Many take this for granted, it’s really encouraging that you’ve put the time aside and made God your priority.

  • Tracy

    Wow, your pictures are so stunning! I definitely have to visit Quebec someday now, it looks absolutely gorgeous in the fall :)

  • I love #2 and #7. The streets of Quebec look so cozy and cute!

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