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two thousand & eleven: recap

i like to do a recap of each year as it passes. i think it’s a nice way to reminiscence: i’m all about the old photographs of family & friends. plus, after three years [2008, 2009, 2010] of recaps it feels wrong to leave 2011 out. this year was a defining one for me. every month brought a wave of change and through the change, a challenge to grab ahold of the opportunity to grow.

note: * i feel like this recap is so inadequate. but it was is my way of taking you through my year in a few photos. my “recap” of the year comes out in heartfelt blog posts when the fancy strikes. not posts like this… but, in the spirit of inadequate recaps, here are some things you may perhaps like to know about my year. perhaps.

countries visited:
 4 — scotland, ireland, england, usa
total days spent traveling: 101. woah.
miles traveled on foot. aka running. 500+

& i’m out. read on!

jason & kara lackey drove up from california to spend a week at our house. thankful for the time i spent with them — always inspired by our conversations and how they desire to serve the Lord through their marriage and their growing family. kara was five weeks preggers in this photograph with their second baby girl, myelle.

we had a party to celebrate the birth of my cousin kristy’s second baby, sierra. this photograph of caleb + brandon + i is a favourite of mine.

i love the free time i have in the winters: i spent a lot of it reading the word. i am refreshed every time i put my nose in the Bible. this iphone photograph is a favourite memory of mine for some reason. nothing incredibly unique: i drove an hour to bellingham & read through the books of 1 + 2 corinthians for a few hours. then i grocery shopped and drove home. i like alone time. i also like this post i wrote in january.

the biggest event of every february is revolution conference. this year we had about five or six hundred youth & young adults out to grow in their faith. in 2012, we are expecting close to one thousand people. i am excited — for the last two years, God has spoken some revolutionary [no pun intended] stuff into my life.

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annual spring vacation to arizona. which turned into real estate shopping, which turned into our family buying a vacation home after twenty years of renting. pretty fun. and i wrote these three posts there:

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speaking at imagequest conference in richmond, bc. this was an intense weekend. a couple of days before i received a ridiculously hurtful insulting condemning anonymous email. that weekend was one of challenge + digging into the Psalms like i never have before. love how faith & grace is developed in trials. it was incredible to have my american best friend kristen fly out for thirty-six hours to hear me speak and support me in that. she’s amazing.


day trip to seattle with bethany to pick up my parents from the airport. we turned it into a day of shopping and three coffeeshops. what else do you do when you’re in seattle? 

tight + bright revolution youth skate night. love these people.

incredible, incredible opportunity to travel to the UK for two weeks. i was in london with my mom and dad for a few days before traveling onto scotland + ireland with kristen. this trip was perfect timing for us in our “young, [kinda] single lives.” kristen having just started dating her boyfriend caleb the week before & i am thankful for how God orchestrated that trip. we know our long-distance friendship is one that will have more & more time apart  as we settle down someday. ;) her someday is much sooner than i. but still. it was an amazing trip.

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loved photographing revolution worship.

the vancouver canucks made it all the way to game seven of the stanley cup finals [that’s a BIG deal] — and i went downtown three times to watch the games with people outside. i was also there the night of the vancouver riot. that was dumb.

held my first workshop! wow, that was a busy time.

i made the decision to close my fort langley office & open up a smaller space at our new house:

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a crazy month full of weddings for me, made crazier by a car accident. it was the fastest month of the year, without question, but i found six days to spend in bellingham with my family at whatcom lake. i loved this cabin and i loved the times when our friends drove down to stay overnight or come for dinner. blessed and i am thrilled to be there for another week this july.

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my birthday! 21. i had two birthday parties: a big one for friends, which i just love. i don’t especially love being the centre of attention but i love watching people have fun around me. having forty friends there to celebrate was wonderful. i have always valued celebrations. this photo of brandon and sam and i makes me smile. the second photo is brandon & i at my smaller family party.


revcamp. the biggest event of the year [along with rev conference] in our youth ministry. it was my first time staying all week [had to leave early for work last year] and i loved being there. living with three hundred people on campus for a week is not an easy task for me. hard to find alone-time and space — but i hope to get better at it every year. ;)


met up with my friend dorothy [from seattle] halfway in bellingham.

for the VERY first time in three and a half years of friendship, sarah barlow visited me in BC— also her first trip to canada… besides a quick gas run in ontario once, she claims. we spent an overcast day exploring vancouver and a crazy, rainy weekend in tofino shooting joanna + alex’s wedding. there’s no one else i would have wanted to share that adorable log-cabin on the beach with. sarah and i always leave each other inspired. thankful for her.

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a really different month of travel for me. entirely non-work related for a change– which felt weird. a last-minute decision had me in the back seat of my parent’s car for a ten hour drive to cranbook. we celebrated thanksgiving with extended family and i ended up flying home [instead of driving] because i had already planned to see foster the people in concert. hah! the next weekend, i was on vancouver island in a small town called courtenay: the hometown of one of my closest friends kelsey. the next weekend i was in seattle with my mom at the women of faith conference. and the last weekend was full of final preparations for quebec. woo boy. never a dull moment.

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one of the most incredible, unique trips in my life thus far. three weeks in quebec. a trip i knew i needed to take, knew i wanted to take, but didn’t really know why or what it held. it held an amazing retreat full of hearing so clearly from the Lord, reading the Bible for hours and praying into some dreams for the rest of my life. i came home changed. thankful. i will FOREVER cherish this trip. wow.

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last-minute decision to make a whirlwind trip across the USA. spent three days in arizona with my parents [at our arizona house,] then flew to nashville to spend three days with sarah, finally flew to maryland to spend three days with kristen and meet her boyfriend caleb.

and then of course it was christmas + all that wonderfulness.

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wow. i am so thankful for life and all it’s fullness. 

  • jamie, your posts are always so inspiring! God has blessed you so much. always remember that. i can’t wait to see what 2012 will bring you and your business! thanks for sharing with all of us!!!

  • Love reading your words and seeing God doing big things on your life. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  • Thanks for sharing Jamie!! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog this year. :) And O! You look great in the blue you wore ice skating! :)

  • :) yay! crazy how fast things happen! thanks for sharing lady. let’s meet up soon!

  • loved seeing and reading your recap. loved following you in 2011. cannot wait to do so again in 2012. hope to cross paths IRL soon. xo.

  • Happy new year, Jamie! Hope to see you in Vegas :)

  • Thanks for taking us on a tour of your year ;) wish I had such an exciting life – Ha! Maybe I’ll try and do the same on my blog…if I can squeeze it in today – Happy New Year lovely! XoXo*S

  • yayyyyy for doing a recap! :D great post, jamie! happy new year to you!!!! :D

  • Thanks for sharing, as always, Jamie. I love reflecting on the past year and thinking about goals for the new year. I’m inspired to do more of the things I love–to write more often, read, spend time alone with God, hike with my dog, take pictures of my friends. But I’ve been distracted as of late with all the noise of technology. January will be a month of simplicity for me, a month to disconnect from the noise and simplify my life. And I’ll see where this little adventure takes me…
    But I just want to say, yours is a blog that inspires me to do those things that I love, to not just sit around getting distracted but to embrace every moment of life. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing it with all of us. :)

  • Jamie…it is a beautiful experience as a reader to follow the path of your heart and the journey that the Lord is leading you on. Thank you for sharing your joys, struggles and always the realness of a faith that is vibrant and living authentically and with joy. I love reading and will leave more comments…I read you every day! Or at least re-read when you don’t post every day:) Much love from your adoring client.

  • Great recap! You had a busy year!

  • What a beautiful year you’ve had, Jamie. Thank you for standing firm in who you are and what you believe in. It’s made a big impact on a lot of people to do the same. I know, because I’m one of them.

  • Fabulous you’ve inspired me to do a recap! It’s been great reading your blog this year. Love your honesty and your desire to honour God. Happy 2012!