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Hello! I’m a Mrs.!

Hellooooo, blog world! As of two weeks ago, I am officially Mrs. Watson. In spirit. I haven’t started my legal name change paperwork. That’ll be this month’s goal. Along with a hundred other things, as my wedding season officially starts in two days! I have a couple client meetings on the calendar and a handful of engagement sessions and another wedding in the next couple weeks so it’s sure to be a busy time!

Randy and I were so overwhelmed with love and support during our wedding week and especially our wedding day. Everyone says it’s gonna be the best day ever, but then you experience it, and it actually is. I felt no nervousness, no stress, only peace and joy on our day! I expected myself to be crazy emotional but I wasn’t – I was simply happy. There’s sooo much to tell you all and to blog about, but in a week full of errands and ERRANDS and errands, it’s not the time. However, our fabulous videographers, Maclean and Erin Carlson of Hello Tomorrow Videography, blogged our wedding video today! We were so excited to see it.

I photographed Maclean & Erin’s wedding in May 2011 and it was fun for them to return the favour 3 years later. We love their work, love their personalities, love everything about what they produce. If you’re looking for a videographer, don’t bother looking elsewhere. ;) Unless they are booked. Then you should look elsewhere. Because video is cool. We also have 3 sneak peek photos from the lovely Lydia Jane Photography! Will post more (with stories) when I find a couple free hours!

Thank you for all your comments and instagram likes and everything.
Sharing in the excitement with my followers was really fun.

Talk to you soon,
Mrs. Jamie [Delaine] Watson

Three in two weeks!

Shower, Shower, Shower

The weeks are flying by. Everybody said the week of the wedding goes the quickest and it’s just madness (in a good way!) every where you turn: family coming in from out of town, last minute tasks, things you forgot to do… and perhaps that will ring true for us, too. But the past two weeks have gone the quickest. Perhaps it’s because I treat every week of wedding planning as “the last week” to ensure the stereotypical “last week” doesn’t happen. We finished a huge project on Tuesday. Since the day I got engaged I’ve been collecting jars, wine bottles, glass bottles of all sizes, a table, two chairs, two big building projects of Randy’s, tons of stationary, twine, paper, bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts, flower vases, clipboards – sooo many things – all piled in my parent’s garage. It was semi-organized, but certainly not even close to what it needed to be for wedding set-up. Tuesday we spent all day working on organizing decor into the appropriate boxes, unwrapping and re-wrapping every bottle before placing back and labelling clearly. Everything is sealed and as far as I’m concerned, ready to GO. 21 days away! Pretty decent, hey?!

Two weeks ago I had my first wedding shower and it was so fun to actually see friends and celebrate together! So much of our engagement has been just us planning and busy with things – it’s really nice to stop and enjoy this time in my life. Thank you to my friends Kelsey and Candace for throwing a great shower. (And Candace took all of these pics! Thanks Candace!)

This past weekend two of my aunt’s threw showers for me! On different days! Lyla organized one for Saturday afternoon at her home and wow, she always out-does herself. ;) I loved everything she had everywhere and I’m planning on using a few of her cute framed prints somewhere at the wedding, hopefully.

Isn’t everything so pretty?!

Left to right – Lyla, Me (surprise!), my mom and Randy’s mom (who just drove over that morning to be here!)

On Sunday, my aunt LaVonne hosted a shower with my cousin Kristy at LaVonne’s house in West Vancouver. It was another really fun time – a totally different group than the day before – more of my mom’s friends and cousins and family. I received so many beautiful gifts – surreal! Thank you to everyone for making this time so special. (I was annoyed I forgot to bring my camera to capture all of LaVonne’s beautiful details. However, I have a few photos from another camera below! And my iPhone!)

He came and picked me up… 

The next day, in true Jamie fashion, I brought everything over to Randy’s, sorted through all the packages of gifts, made a recycling and a garbage pile, compiled gift cards and gift receipts in one spot, put most of the gifts away and organized separate piles for small returns to about 4 different stores. And went and returned them. Phewf! I’m leaving for Seattle in two hours for one night for my bachelorette with 3 of my 6 bridesmaids and another great friend. It’ll be a really nice, relaxing time away.

Happy Friday!