I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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kristy has wanted a little baby girl for as long as i can remember. she loves everything princess, everything pink, everything bling, everything sparkly. when she had her first child, it was a boy, little caleb. we are all so in love with him. but when kristy & vince found out they were expecting for the second time last year, we knew she wanted it to be a girl. badly. at the five month pregnancy mark, they had the gender of the baby sent to a baker & ordered a cake with [pink] icing inside. of course, they didn’t know what colour icing was inside the cake until they cut it in front of our family at a party one afternoon. pink. a girl! it was super cute when kristy & vince found out; kristy started crying in happiness. this january, little sierra was born. i’m so excited that their little family now has one boy & one girl. complete!

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the summer went by so fast. it was a complete whirlwind.

the month was june, the setting was a church baseball game. laura arrived late [super late] and kyle was walking to his car: happened to be parked beside hers. laura took note of this new face; kyle left. later that evening, after laura & her friends had been to sunday night church, they stopped for coffee and donuts at tim hortons. when a few more people walked in, laura recognized a face. it was kyle’s face [though apparently laura called him “kevin” most of that evening, having just met him.]

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i am excited to share these photos, this story, this couple with you. this blog is a lot of work sometimes, a lot of effort & thought goes into what i write about these photos, but i can’t imagine having it any other way. i need to know the story. when i learn the story, the photos mean more. in order to give you the same privilege, you should know shandelle & britton’s story. i guess it all started eighteen years ago; when britton & shandelle first met. britton, 7, shandelle, 12. their parents were friends, their families grew up together at church and in the same social circles.

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a lovely little album arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. engagement sessions are my favourite thing to shoot, engagement guestbooks are my favourite thing to see designed & printed. works hand in hand, i guess. ;) this 8×8″ 30-page guest sign-in book features heidi & bryce’s white rock engagement session this past summer. you can find their blog post here & their online slideshow here. this session was on a beautiful summer day. there were walks beneath the pier & ice cream cones, talks of heidi & bryce’s july 2, 2011 wedding in ontario. i am thrilled to be flying out to eastern canada this summer with leanne to photograph their day.

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