I'm a wedding and portrait photographer living in Vancouver, BC with my husband Randy.  I photographed my first wedding when I was only 17 years old - and I've photographed over 200 weddings since! I am an avid bookworm, lover of green tea, pretty nail polish & my Labradoodle Harley. Thanks for visiting!

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Magdalena grew up in Illinois, while Austen was raised in North Vancouver. After graduation from university in BC and then medical school in another part of the country, Austen moved to Illinois for his medicine residency. It was in 2009, during his first shift as ER doctor in small-town Quincy, IL that these two met. Magda was working at the same hospital and she remembers Austen’s charm and easy-to-talk to demeanour. From Austen’s side of the story, he was nervous. It was his first shift, after all, and now he had met this beautiful girl. “I wanted to get to know her, but I was trying to do my work and have a memorable conversation with her.”  Haha! Magda and Austen started a friendship after that evening and a few months later, their romantic feelings were mutual — they made it official.

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my work weeks are like backyards full of rocks. some rocks are medium-sized, some rocks are pebbles and some rocks are boulders. each rock has to be picked up, moved from the backyard to a dumpster on the driveway labeled “complete.”  staring out my kitchen window, i survey the work to be done. i see 6 boulders, 32 medium-sized stones and 103 pebbles today. i swallow my last mouthful of coffee, place the mug in the sink and step outside to start my work.

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this was it, the longest wedding day of the year for me: almost 13 hours of shooting and it turned out to be the hottest day of the year. we don’t experience many heat waves in vancouver… but when they come, the city complains in sweaty moans. haha! that being said, marisa and anson did not utter one complaint the entire day. even when anson took sick in the afternoon from heat stroke [no word of a lie] he promised he was doing just fine… the colour of his face said otherwise. ;) it must be all the perseverance marisa & anson both developed through their 8+ years of medical school each. the blazing hot day started with traditional chinese games outside of marisa’s parents home. anson wasn’t allowed to enter until the bridesmaids granted him permission.

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